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ReviOUYA Review #25 – Super Pixalo

Super Pixalo is a Platformer made by Philip Royer.  It stars as a pixel from the 1960’s in an arcade cabinet and traversing through time as things advance before his eyes.  Each Decade has 20 levels and each level has a collectible item to obtain.  It is a seemingly simple game, until you actually play it, then you see where the difficulty lies.

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ReviOUYA Preview #1 – Super Renegade Response


Super Renegade Response is an action racer made by Monster Finger Games, the player controls the Super Renegade Response vehicle and takes out the villains causing chaos in the vicinity by any means possible.  The game itself is inspired by classic 80’s movies and video games like Action Fighter on the Sega Master System.

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Top 5 Shoot-em-ups

This Top 5 list will be about Top-down shmups, not run n’ guns, Dual-sticks, nor First person shooters. Those will come at a later time 😉 Shmups was a term made around the late 90s with them top down and side-scrollers shoot em up arcade games being all over the place. Great stuff too I think, and there are plenty of fantastic ones on OUYA!

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ReviOUYA Review #10 – Super Grid Run

Super Grid Run is an arcade game built of face paced twitch action with only one objective: avoid everything coming at you.  You play as a cube going through a tunnel that moves at a faster pace by the second.  The goal being to get the highest score and the longest time.

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