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Top OUYA Exclusives that are still…Exclusive!

People have said time and time again that OUYA has no exclusives.  Things like that make OUYA less attractive to gamers who want a bit of exclusivity in their library.  Well, OUYA does have exclusives and quite good ones that are still Exclusive.  Meaning, they are not on PC, Mobile, or other Consoles.  This list is in no particular order.

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ReviOUYA Review #48 – Rush Bros.

Rush Bros, by XYLA Entertainment, is a competitive platformer where 2 DJs, Bass and Treble – who were once a DJ Duo now gone solo – are competing to become the top DJ in the world. To that they must compete in the ultimate competition, a race against each other.

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ReviOUYA Review #45 – Speed Rush

Speed Rush is a Moto GP racer made by GameAnax.  The game has went through a Kickstarter over a year ago and has released their game first on OUYA.  As a Moto Racer, race against a variety of tracks with bikes of different sets, and classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  Get the gold and get top class bikes and courses!

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Top 5 Platformers

Decided to do something different this time around.  Going to do a top 5 series of genres as well to bring out some of the top games on OUYA.  There are still plenty of people who don’t realize there are games of every genre on here, so I am here to show what is all around! Note: All titles will lead to their game Page

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ReviOUYA Review #12 – Shuttle Rush

Shuttle Rush came out near OUYA’s launch and then got a large content update bringing in more levels in September.  It is, to this day, still an OUYA exclusive.  It is a platformer similar in style to Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog, where you are racing against time to get to the end of the level with the least amount of hits, and the highest amount of coins.  You star as Space taxman Bob with a punctured “1958 My First adventure space suit” on a ship that has a ‘Shoot taxman on sight’ policy, you need to get out of there as soon as possible while collecting the money you originally came for.

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