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Mitch: Berry Challenge

Poor hungry Mitch is looking for berries to eat, in Mitch: Berry Challenge by Boidae games.  As Mitch, you have to go through level after level trying to get all the berries.  In fact, the only way to complete the level is by collecting all the berries.  There is also a secret blue berry hidden within every level which adds to the completion of the collection.

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Tina’s Toy Factory

Tina’s Toy Factory stars Tina, in her Toy Factory!  This is a match 3 Puzzler with a nice twist being some of your objectives are to create toys!  This mechanic also changes the games playstyle as instead of the goal to get the highest score, it is also to get the toys on the conveyor belt before you run out of moves, or time.  There are other objectives to the game as well such as getting the highest score, and getting rid of the white spaces.

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ReviOUYA Review #41 – Overdroy

Overdroy is a puzzle platformer created by Roberto T. Fauri.  Play as Droy, a robot on wheels who needs to acquire all the gears he can across all the stages.  This was one of the first “Buy first” games that came on to OUYA, but is it any good?  Well let us see…

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ReviOUYA Review #28 – Astral Breaker

Astral Breaker is a an action puzzler made by Intropy games.  The game pits you in a battle against a friend, or AI to see who can make their opponent get to the top first.  In the game, the goal is to keep your side low by stacking up similar coloured/symbol pieces and destroy them with a trigger piece.

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ReviOUYA Review #17 – Babylonian Twins

Babylonian Twins is a puzzle platformer created by App Barbecue, a remake of the original game of the same name on the Commodore Amiga that was never released.  You star as the twin princes of Babylon, Nasir and Blasir, and the goal is to get to the high priest, overthrow him, and reclaim the kingdom.

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ReviOUYA Review #3 – Hell’s Hospital

A more recent game that came out. Hell’s hospital is a First Person Puzzle game that takes place in a mental asylum.  You check into a hospital where people are being put into experiments, going through various amounts of torture, and eventually die.  You are to go through the hospital.  Each floor gets harder and harder, and it is an overall very challenging game.  Let’s get down to this shall we?

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ReviOUYA Review #2 – Globulous


Looking for a puzzler with a difference? This hidden gem is a puzzler where you have to dig inward to get to the centre and find the treasure.  Globulous is a relaxing type of game which still keeps you on your toes with its complex objectives and timed manner.  As it is a more basic puzzler, there is no story, but this is a type of game that doesn’t need one.  Allow me to explain..

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