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Mitch: Berry Challenge

Poor hungry Mitch is looking for berries to eat, in Mitch: Berry Challenge by Boidae games.  As Mitch, you have to go through level after level trying to get all the berries.  In fact, the only way to complete the level is by collecting all the berries.  There is also a secret blue berry hidden within every level which adds to the completion of the collection.

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ReviOUYA Review #25 – Super Pixalo

Super Pixalo is a Platformer made by Philip Royer.  It stars as a pixel from the 1960’s in an arcade cabinet and traversing through time as things advance before his eyes.  Each Decade has 20 levels and each level has a collectible item to obtain.  It is a seemingly simple game, until you actually play it, then you see where the difficulty lies.

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ReviOUYA Review #3 – Hell’s Hospital

A more recent game that came out. Hell’s hospital is a First Person Puzzle game that takes place in a mental asylum.  You check into a hospital where people are being put into experiments, going through various amounts of torture, and eventually die.  You are to go through the hospital.  Each floor gets harder and harder, and it is an overall very challenging game.  Let’s get down to this shall we?

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