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Fun Facts about: Sine Mora

Sine Mora is one of the most beautifully crafted 3D shmups on OUYA.  With a deep, and solemn story and great, bullet hell gameplay.  I strongly recommend Sine Mora to shmup lovers that own an OUYA.  Here are some fun facts on it!

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ReviOUYA Review #47 – Beekyr: Eco Shoot em Up

Beekyr is a Shoot ’em up with a difference.  By Kaleido Games, you star as Beekyr, the worker bee, now soldier, after coming back to your hive and seeing it destroyed with the queen rather beat up.  Destroy those pesky wasps and their helpers that have ruined your home, get revenge for your queen.

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Top 5 Shoot-em-ups

This Top 5 list will be about Top-down shmups, not run n’ guns, Dual-sticks, nor First person shooters. Those will come at a later time 😉 Shmups was a term made around the late 90s with them top down and side-scrollers shoot em up arcade games being all over the place. Great stuff too I think, and there are plenty of fantastic ones on OUYA!

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ReviOUYA Review #19 – Super Killer Hornet Resurrection

Super Killer Hornet (SKH) is a top down shoot ’em up with a twist.  The twist being, instead of score multipliers simply coming from the sky, or shooting a number of enemies, you have to do on-the-spot math equations.  Created by Flump Studios, the creators of Pester, and the original Super Killer Hornet.

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ReviOUYA Review #9 – Syder Arcade

Syder Arcade, by Studio Evil, was one of the OUYA’s launch games.  Often overlooked compared to the newer games and many other games that have come out over the time.  You are a new pilot and your job is to, basically destroy every threat in your path.  While it may seem rather dull, this game is mission based, so there will be missions where you have to defend allies as well.  The game is inspired by shooters such as Uridium 2.

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ReviOUYA Review #4 – Otra Galaxia

Otra Galaxia is a dualstick, space shoot ’em up (shmup) that came out a few days ago.  You star as a man and a woman who get somehow teleported to another galaxy in their ship with a bunch of hostiles ready to take them out.  It is a swarm-type of shooter where you stay on one screen and the enemies swarm at you in certain patterns.  This is a mission based game, so each chapter has a set of missions to go through before you get to the next chapter.

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