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Slashers: The Power Battle

Slashers: The Power Battle is a 1 on 1 fighting game developed by Stun Games.  Characters have their own weapon, their own techniques, and are all willing to fight to obtain the ultimate power/curse to fulfill their desires.  This game has plenty of play modes, tutorial mode, and online mode to challenge friends and future rivals.

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ReviOUYA Review #36 – Fright Fight

Fright Fight, by APPsolute Games LLC, is a 4-man arena fighter with both online and offline capabilities.  There are 4 playable characters in the game:  Carmilla the Vampire, Hugo the Yeti, Grim the Reaper, and Kahn the Werewolf with more characters coming in the near future.  This fighter has some RPG elements as well such as levelling the character and distributing stats.

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ReviOUYA Review #34 – Fist of Awesome

Fist of Awesome is a beat em up created by Nicoll Hunt.  Starring Tim Burr, he gets set into a time altered world where bears rule, and his fist can talk.  It is up to Tim to set time straight and bring it all back to the way it was.

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ReviOUYA Review #27 – Haymaker

Haymaker is a 1-on-1 Fighting game made by the developers of the same name.  You can play as one of 4 characters, each with their own fighting style, in the setting of 1950’s United States of America. This game comes with both a single player, and local multiplayer option.

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