Slashers: The Power Battle

Slashers: The Power Battle is a 1 on 1 fighting game developed by Stun Games.  Characters have their own weapon, their own techniques, and are all willing to fight to obtain the ultimate power/curse to fulfill their desires.  This game has plenty of play modes, tutorial mode, and online mode to challenge friends and future rivals.

Graphically, the game is a bit simple, the characters have a relatively simple look to them and the backgrounds are static.  But that doesn’t deter from it at all, despite simple looking characters, they all have a diverse move set and plenty of special effects to boot.  The music is fun to listen to and is quite catchy, but the voice acting can very from fantastic to average at best.  The gameplay is what really shines though.  There is a tutorial mode for those getting into the series, and there are plenty of single player modes including the base story mode, Journey mode, which allows you to train a character, and Boss mode, where you fight as a “boss” version of your character vs other boss version characters, which makes for a much more challenging experience than initially thought.  There are plenty more than those as well when it comes to single player modes.  There is also multiplayer modes, including both local and online multiplayer.  You can play online for fun or for rankings to see who can get to the top of the leaderboards.  There is also a colour-edit mode, which allows you to add your own custom colours to these characters to give them a more unique flair.  Slashers is set up as a combo-style fighter as well, so the more combos made the better, their combos are simple to learn but difficult to master.  Slashers is a feature rich game that is a must have for every fan of the fighter genre, and for those new, it is one that is certainly worth a play.


“Nothing entered; nothing gained”

Push Slashers: The Power Battle on to your OUYA now: Free to try – Price $5.99


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