Urizen: Shadows of the Cold

Urizen: Shadows of the cold is a action adventure that takes place in the lands called Urizen.  Trying to take back your throne, you and the army you are building will traverse lands meet new people and eventually take back what is rightfully yours, and bring it to a brighter future.  With over 48 characters, and over 34 levels to explore, among other things such as a cheat system, Urizen can prove to be quite the large and expansive game.

The graphics have a very interesting and distinct look to them and each character has a sort of second costume to play as.  Each character also has their own distinct melee and projectile attack.  The levels are quite large with a lot of platforming needed to get from one to the other.  The music is nice but the sound effects and voices are not something I enjoy hearing, as they can be a bit loud and unfitting.  While the gameplay is nice for what it is, it can be a little easy to get lost on the world map.  There are 3 save slots as well which is also nice.  One thing that really hurts the game however, is the really long load time at the very beginning.  It takes a good few minutes before the game actually hits the title screen, and this long load time alone can deter people from wanting to continue further.  The benefit to this however is that there is absolutely no load time throughout the rest of the game, it only happens at the beginning.

If you don’t mind a really long load time, and are looking for a good adventure to sink your teeth into, give Urizen a shot.  It is different but certainly not in a bad way.


“Blood, BLOOD!”

Push Urizen: Shadows of the Cold on to your OUYA now – Premium $1.99


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