Ruin/Macabre (it recently received a new name!), by MOCBJ software is an RPG where the world is being swallowed up, without any reason as to why, and it is up to Fred, a man who gets shipwrecked, to find out what exactly happened, and how to stop it.

Ruin has points where it puts you at the edge of your seat, with quite the amount of plot twists, as well as things you simply did not see coming.  While the game itself is short (10 – 12 hours to fully complete) there is enough to keep you going, including 16 side quests, plenty of achievements, and a really well put together story.  The graphics are fine, even though they are not of HD quality, they look crisp and especially give it that 16-bit feeling.  The music is fantastic, especially the battle and even moreso the boss music.  There is also a spell system and a crafting system implemented.  More spells are learned when you cast your strongest spell more often, and there are plenty of different items to craft, which involves learning different recipes, which can increase the types of food to make, or armor/weapons to equip.

While the game is very well done, there are some things that make you wonder “why” in the plot.  Some of these things feel as if they were left unanswered, but are also minor enough to disregard.  Even though the length isn’t very long, it doesn’t need to be.  The length is perfect as it doesn’t force grinding points and lets you focus on the story.  Also, there are two difficulty modes in game, one for people just getting into the genre, and one for those more experienced in JRPGs.  All in all, this is a game that is simply easy to recommend to any RPGer!


The end of times are upon us!

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