Mitch: Berry Challenge

Poor hungry Mitch is looking for berries to eat, in Mitch: Berry Challenge by Boidae games.  As Mitch, you have to go through level after level trying to get all the berries.  In fact, the only way to complete the level is by collecting all the berries.  There is also a secret blue berry hidden within every level which adds to the completion of the collection.

Mitch: Berry Challenge is a very nice looking game, there is a strong attention to detail on all the platforms, backgrounds, and Mitch himself.  There is a lack in stage variation, however, so the backgrounds, the land, and the hazards will be all the same looking in each level.  The music is a nice, almost relaxing, jungle feel that I haven’t heard before in a game like this, so it was a very welcome change, and the controls of the game are quite tight, and with some good physics included (ie: when you try to stop running, you get a slight drag).

The difficulty curve is steady, it doesn’t get too steep, nor does it shallow, However there is one thing I noticed about this game, and it is its lack of life, while there is a chirping bird sound effect, there is no life in the game outside of Mitch.  There are no enemies, no foliage, (apart from the trees in the background), basically nothing that makes it feel lifelike.  Also, to expand on my “no enemies” bit, there are some hazards here and there, for example, the bottomless pits and the thorn fields, but there are no actual threats to Mitch that are actively trying to prevent him from from collecting his berries.  This makes the game feel empty.

Despite the lack of enemies and wildlife in the game, Mitch is actually a good puzzle platformer.  It is a perfect game for younger gamers and those that are just getting into the puzzle platformer genre.  With 30 levels with a hidden berry in each level, despite its flaws, a fair amount of a fun can be had with this one.


Go Mitch, Go!

On Discover for $1.99 premium: Mitch: Berry Challenge


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