Top OUYA Exclusives that are still…Exclusive!

People have said time and time again that OUYA has no exclusives.  Things like that make OUYA less attractive to gamers who want a bit of exclusivity in their library.  Well, OUYA does have exclusives and quite good ones that are still Exclusive.  Meaning, they are not on PC, Mobile, or other Consoles.  This list is in no particular order.

Speed Rush – GameAnax

SpeedRush was released sept 2014 and was the first polished motorcycle racer on the OUYA.  With different tracks and race types, as well as different bikes, achivements, and mechanics, Speed Rush is the game to play whenever you have that racer itch you want to scratch.

Push Speed Rush on to your OUYA now! – Free to Try: $2.99

Killing Floor: Calamity – Tripwire Interactive

Killing Floor: Calamity was released December 2013, and one of the biggest games for OUYA that year.  With 2-player local co-op, train the various types of jobs with their specialized weapons and take out the infestation of creatures taking over rooftops, circuses and office buildings.  It was quite a strong game to play then, and still is now.

Push Killing Floor: Calamity on to your OUYA now – Premium $14.99

Soul Fjord – Airtight Games

Soul Fjord was a different type of Roguelike RPG.  It was rhythm based.  Magnus Jones has died and was given entry to the best club in the world, Valhalla, but was ultimately rejected by a bogus body guard, so Magnus is going back to exact his revenge, and get back into the club.  It is a fun, light-hearted story, with fun combos.  This game, however isn’t for everyone, as it is heavily rhythm based.  One way they do try to help with that though is on the first start up of the game, they go through a rhythm test and calibrate the game to work best with the player.  Some of the best interaction I have encountered in a game like this.

Push Soul Fjord on to your OUYA now – Price: FREE with minor IAP

Reagan Gorbachev –  Team 2Bit

For something a little different, Reagan Gorbachev is another 2-player co-op game where, like Killing Floor: Calamity, can be played alone.  However, it isn’t just another top down shooter, the game itself focueses more on stealth as you play as both Reagan and Gorbachev trying to escape the militant extremist base safe and sound.  On top of that, there are trivia questions between each level, making it double as an edutainment game.

Push Reagan Gorbachev on to your OUYA now! – Free to Try $9.99

Polarity: Partners in Crime – Bluebutton Games

Polarity: Partners in crime puts you with a friend to solve the levels puzzles together.  Like its predecessor, you go through each level, with the ability to change magnetic poles to attract or repel objects that are the same pole or opposite of you.  This time, however, you are either cooperating, or competing with a friend.

Push Polarity: Partners in Crime on to your OUYA now! Premium $2.99

Marble Droid OUYA  – Zebralightning Studios

While there is a series of Marble Droid games on android devices, Marble Droid OUYA is an OUYA exclusive.  With its own unique levels, and marbles.  As proof, Zebralightning studios also released the original Marble Droid onto the platform as well.  For those into a more relaxing marble game, this one is surely one to pick up!

Push Marble Droid OUYA on to your OUYA now! FREE with In App Purchases (Orbs)

Friendly Fire – Erik Skoglund

Friendly Fire is one of those good games that somehow stayed hidden beneath the games like Towerfall and Duck Game.  Funny thing that, because Friendly Fire was the first of the mentioned games that actually had bots to play with. Towerfall didn’t get enemies/bots until Ascension, and Duck Game still doesn’t have them.  Not saying either Towerfall or Duck Game are bad, far from, they are fantastic, but so is Friendly Fire, and with the amount of aiming, and shooting and flying around with your jetpacks, you will see the gem as well.

Push Friendly Fire on to your OUYA now!  Free to Try $0.00

Acorn Assault – High Tale Studios

Acorn Assault is a french revolution game starring a bunch of… squirrels!  Partake in an offline or online game where the goal is to take out the enemy and take over.  The game also has local and online multiplayer, as well as single player if you don’t have that special friend around.  This game is definitely for those who are into the French Revolution, war strategy games, and squirrels!

Push Acorn Assault on to your OUYA now!  Free to Try $4.99


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