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Ruin/Macabre (it recently received a new name!), by MOCBJ software is an RPG where the world is being swallowed up, without any reason as to why, and it is up to Fred, a man who gets shipwrecked, to find out what exactly happened, and how to stop it.
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Mitch: Berry Challenge

Poor hungry Mitch is looking for berries to eat, in Mitch: Berry Challenge by Boidae games.  As Mitch, you have to go through level after level trying to get all the berries.  In fact, the only way to complete the level is by collecting all the berries.  There is also a secret blue berry hidden within every level which adds to the completion of the collection.

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Top OUYA Exclusives that are still…Exclusive!

People have said time and time again that OUYA has no exclusives.  Things like that make OUYA less attractive to gamers who want a bit of exclusivity in their library.  Well, OUYA does have exclusives and quite good ones that are still Exclusive.  Meaning, they are not on PC, Mobile, or other Consoles.  This list is in no particular order.

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Why I Have an OUYA

This isn’t a review, no.. but I have been getting asked this question numerous times.. ‘Why do YOU have an OUYA?  If you don’t have it for it being android on your TV, why do you have it?’

The answer is simple, I didn’t buy it because it was android games on TV, nor did I buy it because I wanted a “media streaming” anything.

I bought OUYA because of what they were wanting to offer, which is a place for smaller developers to be able to bring their games to the television.  And while, yes they used android, they used it because of the relatively low barrier of entry for developers to get on to.  Because of OUYA, I played games I otherwise would never have touched either due to not knowing of them or not having it on a specific platform.  I got to see what developers of real small stature (ie: 1 – 5 people) had in their heads that they wanted to create.  While sure a fair number of them were rather rough around the edges, I still managed to see what was going on in their minds, what sparked their creativity to create the final piece that they did.

The other devices, they simply aren’t the same. They don’t necessarily ‘care’ about those developers, nor do most even care that they even have a games market.  Ie: the Amazon Fire TV wanted to shy away from the games aspect and make it more based on media (despite the fact they acquired a games studio), as did other devices as well.

I don’t PC/Steam game, nor do I care about the monster companies trying to appeal to everyone/everything/the kitchen sink.  But seeing a console platform where it isn’t necessarily about the money, but more about unleashing your creativity, that is what brought me to OUYA and will have me stay. 🙂