Joe Danger

Joe Danger stars Joe, a Stunt biker seeking fame and fortune, racing through all sorts of dangerous tracks with obstacles trying to prevent him getting to the finish line. Ranging from a pool of sharks, barricades, mallets and sometimes even an opponent, Joe must overcome all obstacles, while geting first in these events!

Look at Joe go!

Joe Danger is a QTE (Quick time event) style of game, where timing is everything. This actually suits the game quite well, as the whole premise is avoiding all obstacles, getting tons of money, and reaching the end as fast as you can. The Graphics are smooth and look fantasic, though there are only 3-4 actual different backgrounds. Joe has tons of different costumes to wear, which increase his score mulitplier, coin collection, and simply make him more amusing! Joe has different voice tracks depending on the costume he is wearing, but the backround music is lacking at best, with only one notable, yet forgettable track. Despite the music, however, Joe Danger plays exceptionally well! The Controls are easy to use, and nothing feels clunky or unintuitive, making the user focus on the game play more than trying to figure out controls.

Overall, Joe Danger is a fun game that should not be looked over, it fits perfectly in OUYAs library of fun, and different games, and is certainly worth a purchase.


Jooeeeeee Dangerrrrrr!

On Discover for $3.99: Joe Danger


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