Your father has been kidnapped by the ShadowHive gang and your mother has all but given up on looking for him.  Your sibling is nagging at you to do things with them, and you are dreaming of filling in your father’s footsteps in becoming the best Evoker in the world of Zenith.  This is EvoCreo, a game where you find cute little animals called Creo, become the best evoker, and ultimately find your father.

EvoCreo Fight!!

EvoCreo is an extremely pretty game with a diverse cast of Creo (little monsters you get to catch and train). The Creo you get to catch and train, and take them to areas where you can challenge other Evokers and become the arena champion of that city. All is fun and game when it comes to that, until ShadowHive gets in your way, and they do quite often. Nothing is more fun than beating them to a pulp. There is 3 leveling systems in this game. There is the traditional levelling-to-evolution of creo, by getting to a certain level they can evolve, and then there is another creo leveling system where if they reach a maximum of an elemental affinity, they evolve into an element-specific form. This leads to many variations of creo in this game which allows for plenty of replayability. The music is quite catch as well, though the tracks are short, they loop quite smoothly. My only issue with this game, and it is a big one, are the controls. It uses a hybrid control scheme currently where the menus can be used with the joystick, but as a mouse, Navigation is done by joystick, and scrolling through items in a store, or creo status page has to be done with the touchpad. This can lead to an annoying experience and can ruin the game for some. But for those that stick with it, despite the awkward controls, are in for an amazing, well fleshed out game.



On Discover for $0.99: EvoCreo – Console Edition


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