Tina’s Toy Factory

Tina’s Toy Factory stars Tina, in her Toy Factory!  This is a match 3 Puzzler with a nice twist being some of your objectives are to create toys!  This mechanic also changes the games playstyle as instead of the goal to get the highest score, it is also to get the toys on the conveyor belt before you run out of moves, or time.  There are other objectives to the game as well such as getting the highest score, and getting rid of the white spaces.

Need to make that train and robot!

Tina’s Toy Factory also has a 2-player battle mode, for when a second user comes in to play, they can try to out-score each other and battle it out with different powerups to cripple the other.  On top of that, the game has quite pleasant graphics, and a nice sountrack. The difficulty curve is just right as well, easing new players in and then giving tougher tasks to fulfill later in the game. with 55 levels, this will keep anyone busy. I do have 2 problems, however. One being that there is no endless mode, which would be nice to just play for a while or for an extended time limit, and two, there is no ending. Once you complete all the levels, that is it, back at level select without a feeling of game completion. Overall Tina’s Toy Factory is a must get for any Puzzle enthusiast who wants something more than a simple match 3.




Push Tina’s Toy Factory on to your OUYA now!  – Price $4.99, Free to Try


2 responses to “Tina’s Toy Factory

  • Reggie

    Thanks for the review! We’ll be releasing an update soon with additional levels so there’s no ending just yet. The game will be releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One soon and will have 100 levels at that time.

    • Razien

      Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the heads up that there will be more coming! That is great to hear, and am looking forward to it! 🙂

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