Fun Facts about: Sine Mora

Sine Mora is one of the most beautifully crafted 3D shmups on OUYA.  With a deep, and solemn story and great, bullet hell gameplay.  I strongly recommend Sine Mora to shmup lovers that own an OUYA.  Here are some fun facts on it!

1.) There is a Graphical settings in the options menu

Sine Mora, while beautiful, comes at a cost, and that cost can be slowdown in some places.  One thing that gets missed, however, is the ability to actually change the graphical settings in the options.  It can be done on the fly also, meaning you don’t need to exit the menu every time.  While this does not help in some areas where there is alot of graphical detail used, like certain spots of Mirage Mountain and Tira, it can help speed somethings up overall, a good note though, it is best to keep the settings set to high at the Domus Boss, as without it you may have a hard time seeing any obstacles.

2.) There is an Alternate Ending

Story Mode, when beating both Normal and Challenge mode, beating Normal mode brings the one ending, but beating the Challenge Mode, with no stops, and without using up all continues will bring out an alternate ending.  Good luck to those who want it!

3.) Achievements!

There are 12 achievements in the game, none all that easy either.  It definitely adds to the replayability to the game, however.  For those achievement junkies, this will be your game to have, as those achievements are not easy to acquire!

4.) The developers wanted to make this game as different as possible!

No joke!  The characters were originally humans, now then Enkies are animal-human hybrids (not exactly furries).  The voice acting was just different enough for them as well, they used Hungarian speech, loved it and went with it!  It certainly worked, I can honestly say this is certainly one of the most creative shmups I have experienced in quite some time!

5.) Sine Mora is latin for “Without Delay”

Just wanted to put that one out there.

Pick up Sine Mora if you are a shmup fan, I cannot stress enough how good the game is.  On top of that, it is free to try, with a final price of $5.99.  Push it onto your OUYA now!


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