Adventure Games that are Worth Your Time Playing

When it comes to adventure games on OUYA, there are more than one type.  We have the graphical novels, the Point and click adventures, even Action Adventure games.  This list will be Adventure games that are worth taking the time playing because of what they offer.  This will include visual novels, action adventures, point and click, and more.  Note: Betas and Early Access Games will not be part of the list.  All game titles will link to their game page on  All ratings taken from

Platform-Style Adventre

What falls under here are Adventures that play sort of like Platformers.  Guide the player through mazes, uncover secrets and solving puzzles is the basic premise of these types of adventures.  Some also tend to be known as Metroidvania.

Abbaye des Morts – Locomalito (4.5/5 Stars)

Locomalito is one of the more popular developers on the OUYA platform, with one of the primary reasons being that they develop fun games that bring back a feeling of the past.  Abbaye des Morts is a rather short adventure involving a Monk trying to escape an angry mob, but the evils that reside in the church he has escaped to.  The game went for the ZX Spectrum style, hence the simple colour pallete, but it in no way looks bad.  This is certainly a must try, especially considering the fact it is a free game

Price – Free

Another World – DotEmu SAS (4.5/5 Stars)

Another World is the same game as Out of this world in North America, that has been put on a plethora of consoles.  With a OUYA HD facelift, Another World also shows up here.  This is the perfect game for those who loved Another World before, and wish to play it again out of Nostalgia, and for new comers, it is also a great treat, with puzzles and exploration.  The game does require some trial and error, but is overall a worth it experience.

Price – $4.99, Free to Try

Elliot Quest – Ansimuz (5/5 Stars)

Elliot Quest is one of the most beautifully made pixel-art games on the OUYA.  There is a high amount of detail and love put into this game and it shows all around.  As Elliot, players go through the puzzle of his life where he deals with both, the conflict with the Satar, as well as conflict with himself and what side he should stand in the world.  With 3 Endings and a lot to explore, Elliot Quest doesn’t disappoint for a minute.

Price – $9.99, Premium

Lemegeton: Master Edition – Lantansia (4/5 Stars)

Lemegeton: Master Edition was one of the first titles to come on to the OUYA, back in July 2013.  With 2 characters to play as, Lemegeton has an entwining story with a number of different demons to fight, or mini-quests to fulfill.  While the translation is iffy, at best, and the controls are a bit clunky at first, the game itself progresses nicely with fun, and increasingly challenging, bosses and fantastic music.

Price – $6.99, Free to Try

Nub – Inferna Games (4/5 Stars)

Sometimes it sucks being an alien.  Nub is a little dude, stuck in an unknown location, trying to escape an unknown foe.  This isometric adventure has plenty of puzzles to go through to save the helpless niblets and himself from the menacing unknown being that has locked them in this unknown space.  The game can be quite challenging, but there are save points everywhere.  The game also has a very 16-bit style and look to it, which is certainly not a bad thing.  If anyone was looking for an isometric adventure, they should definitely give this one a shot.

Price – $2.99, Free to Try

Slightly Magic/Slightly Magic Lite – Potassium Frog Ltd (Full: 5/5 stars, Lite: 3/5 Stars)

Slightly Magic is one of the few OUYA games where the Full game and the demo are separate.  It was originally a ZX Spectrum game, but then received an enhanced port for the OUYA.  Hence the bright colours similar to Abbaye des Morts mentioned above.  They are, however no way similar in terms of how the games are.  Slightly is in a bit of a pickle after his uncle forgot him, amongst other things when taking off from the castle, and now Slightly has to try to follow suit.  A simple, yet entertaining adventure for those who are in the mood for something different, or want to relive those days with a ZX Spectrum!

Price – $5.99, Free to Try

Whispering Willows – Night Light Interactive (4.5/5 Stars)

Whispering Willows went through a successful Kickstarter and after a good amount of time, a deep adventure was made.  Elena is looking for her missing father who disappeared in a haunted mansion.  Elena also finds her roots, and settles the mystery of what really happened in her town with regards to the past using both her human, and spirit forms.  A very engaging story with a lot of thought and love put into it.  Definitely a must play by anyone who wants a good, story based adventure.

Price – $14.99, Free to Try

The Cave – DoubleFine Productions (4.5/5 Stars)

The last Platform Adventure that will be mentioned is The Cave, by DoubleFine Productions.  The cave stars 7 different characters, each with their own little story about what happened in their lives and what will the outcome be in the end.  What makes it even better is that you can play 3 characters at a time!  There are many beautiful scenes in the Cave, with a funny narrative, and puzzles that can range from being simple, to complex.  The narrative is also well done as well, with a good sense of humour.  Certainly a worthwhile game to play, and perfect for all ages.

Price – $4.99, Free to Try

Visual Novel Adventures

Visual Novel Adventures are generally those with lots of text and pretty pictures.  There is not much for exploration involved as it is more a focus on the story and the choices made that progress the story to either a good or bad ending.  These type of games aren’t for everyone, but they do serve their purpose, and can be great to go through.

Culina: The Spirit of Cooking – John Doran (3/5 Stars)

Culina: The Spirit of Cooking is actually the prequel to the Successfully funded Kickstarter: Culina: Hands in the Kitchen.  You play as a Male character attending culinary school with his friends with a future of opening his own restaurant.   Meeting a bunch of different characters, plenty of choices to make, and an interesting cooking mechanic, Culina is a nice visual novel for those into the genre.

Price – Free

Nowhere Safe 2/Nowhere Safe 3 – Lexington Alexander (2: 3.5/5 Stars, 3: 3.5/5 Stars)

The Nowhere Safe series is not your typical “fall in love” type of Visual novel.  These games both star a woman stuck in torment and trying to live through her life.  A rather dark game with some rays of light every once in a while, the series is well suited for those who are more interested in a Drama-genre Visual Novel than dating sim.

Price: $2.99, Free to Try / $2.99, Free to Play

Action Adventure

Action Adventure games tend to have a number of action elements in their adventure and exploration.  There tends to be less talking and more doing.  But, these also make for an exciting play as you never know what will pop up that you have to fight.  These still do tend to have puzzles to solve, and obstacles to go through, and exploration still does tend to be required.

AvP: Evolution – Fox Digital Entartainment. Inc (4/5 Stars)

While more Action than Adventure (there is no Action section in Discover!), AvP: Evolution offers an adventure all on its own.  Playing as both the Alien and the Predator, you need to end what is happening on either side of the spectrum.  For the Aliens, you need to save the queen, and the Predator, to eliminate the elite predators as they are corrupting your tribe.  Of course, there is always Marines in your way, so it is always best (and quite fun) to eliminate them as well.  There are plenty of hidden objects to find, and upgrades to buy for your alien and predator, with a surprisingly not bad story.  Certainly check out AvP: Evolution if ever given the time.

Price – $4.99, Free to Try

Ittle Dew – Ludosity (4.5/5 Stars)

Ittle Dew is an action adventure with a ton of humour, snide comments, and references to other games.  The adventure is short but there is a ton of replayability added on top including the master dungeon, card collection, and having all items.  Even doing speed runs.  Ittle and Tipsy get stranded on an island and they turn it into their own little adventure, exploring the island and trying to find a way to get off and drift elsewhere.  Certainly a fun, and hilarious little adventure.

Price – $9.99, Free to Try

Ninja Hero Cats – HandyGames (4.5/5 Stars)

Ninja Hero Cats also falls under the more action than action adventure type of game.  While there is some exploring elements, it is basically go through the level, upgrade yourself, and defeat the boss to get the fish.  It is quite a fun game that progressively gets more challenging the further you go.  It is fun for more short bursts of play.

Price – Free

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath – Oddworld Inhabitants Inc. (5/5 Stars)

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is a more recent game that came out, and a fantastic adventure it is.  With the ability to interact with everyone, a complete universe was created this (and other Oddworld) game.  Play as the Stranger with an illness that requires a very expensive surgery, embark on an adventure which requires collecting bounties to make the money for the surgery.  Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath will constantly leave you wanting more each time you play with its luscious graphics, awesome soundtrack, and killer gameplay.  A must buy for absolutely anyone.

Price – $5.99, Premium

Point n’ Click

Point n’ click games have been around for quite some time.  An example of a Point n’ Click game is LucasArts’ Monkey Island.  Where you have a character, and a cursor for the character to interact with multiple objects.  Many of these Adventures tend to have good puzzles, great humour, and a story that is entrancing.

Broken Age – DoubleFine Productions (5/5 Stars)

DoubleFine’s Latest game Broken Age doesn’t disappoint.  With a hand-painted look and feel to the game, Broken age is simply a pleasure to play.  Starring a boy and a girl, each with their own story that slowly intertwines with each other.  While the puzzles aren’t the most complicated, it is the story of how these kids go through tough times that make is such a joy to play.

Price $14.99, Premium

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World – Cateia Games (4/5 Stars)

Kaptain Brawe is more on the funny side of Point n’ Click games.  There are a number of puzzles, exploration, and absolute humour involved in Kaptain Brawe.  Travelling between 4 planets, trying to save the captured scientists, this game has all the space adventure anyone could want.

Price – $4.99, Free to Try

The Mystery of Crimson Manor – MediaCity Games (4.5/5 Stars)

This game would normally not be up here due to its controls (it uses the touchpad only), however, I found myself enjoying this game from beginning to end.  The puzzles provided a challenge, and there was a need to explore every part of the mansion to see where to go next.  What was also nice was if you were ever to get stuck, the game provided a walkthrough to help in the more trickier spots.

Price – $0.99, Premium

Other Adventure

Neverending Nightmares – Infinitap Games (4.5/5 Stars)

Neverending Nightmares falls more into the horror side of Adventure.  Playing as a man that is seemingly stuck in his dreams, he is trying to find a way to wake himself up.  On top of that, everytime he wakes up, instead of being ‘awake’, he is instead trapped in another nightmare.  Neverending Nightmares can certainly fill someone up full of dread, scared to see what is up ahead, and it is executed real well throughout the game.  The Demo simply doesn’t do the game justice.

Price – $14.99, Free to Try

Hero of Many – Trickster Arts (4.5/5 Stars)

Hero of Many is a different type of adventure.  Where instead of playing as a person, you play as a blob-cell-thing.  You, as the blob-cell-thing, help your fellow comrades who then follow you and fight for you while you lead them to freedom in the deep, dark blue.  A beautiful looking and sounding game, that gives a sort of relaxed, yet tensing,  feeling.

Price – $3.99, Free to Try

Gene Effect – Lightstorm 3D (4/5 Stars)

Gene Effect is a highly explorative adventure taking place in space.  Landing in this new planet, you are harvesting minerals and resources for your people, while also learning more about the civilisation that was once there.  Reading all the dialogue can certainly bring you more into the game as it gets deeper as it goes.  On top of that, the stunning visuals and crazy hazards make this a challenging, yet rewarding game.

Price – $5.99, Free to Try

The Ball – Tripwire Interactive (4/5 Stars)

The Ball was another launch title, brought over by Tripwire Interactive.  A grand adventure that leads you deeper and deeper into the depths of a dormant mountain in Mexico with only you and a mechanism that controls The Ball (see: title).  The Ball does however get some slowdown in some areas of the game and certainly isn’t the most optimized game for the OUYA, but that doesn’t make it by any means not fun to play.  It is an adventure and a half and definitely worth a purchase if you are into first person adventure games.


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