ReviOUYA Review #48 – Rush Bros.

Rush Bros, by XYLA Entertainment, is a competitive platformer where 2 DJs, Bass and Treble – who were once a DJ Duo now gone solo – are competing to become the top DJ in the world. To that they must compete in the ultimate competition, a race against each other.

Graphics: 7/10

There are over 45 levels available on Rush Bros.  The level design varying from well done, to boring, to hellishly frustrating to even bother completing.  Some levels inspired by other games, some inspired by some of the music.  Few of these levels have so much going on at once that it creates a large amount of slowdown.  What is cool, however, is these levels are moving based on the music selected.  So Select a certain track and the level itself will react to it.  The Brothers, Bass and Treble, both look nice and well animated.  There is very little animation, but what is there is well done.

Follow those arrows!

Sounds: 7/10

The game contains a variety of music by numerous DJs.  The ranges are quite impressive as well, with face paced, to beat-heavy tunes.  When it comes to music, the game does not disappoint.  Also, during the stage select, you are able to select which track to play before going into the level.  You can also decide to set it to repeat, shuffle, or skip certain tracks.  Rush Bros. does a very good job at showcasing the music.  You are also able to use your own music!  The Sound effects are few.  There is the jump sound, slide sound, and the death sound that exist.  But the main emphasis is on the music, so there is not much of a surprise in that sense.

Gameplay: 6/10

The single player mode is simply a time trial, which is rather unfortunate that there is no racing aspect, or feel in it.  There is not even a race against the ghost to add a competitive feel to it, which simply dampens the desire for it.  There are other game play options as well however, the local and online multiplayer.  Unfortunately the online multiplayer is dead, and there seems to be trouble connecting with anybody IF anybody is online.  Which just leaves local, which can be fun when having company over.  The game can, unfortunately, be easily forgotten due to the lackluster single player experience, especially when it comes to having people over to play the multiplayer aspect.


Rush Bros. really suffers from 3 things: the level design on a number of levels making it a chore to play, the lack of decent single player, and lack of active online multi player.  These things have made Rush Bros. a rather boring game to play and a forgettable title on the OUYA.  On the plus side, the music is fantastic, and you get to put your own in if you are not into the DJ music.

Graphics: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Overall: 6.5/10

Push Rush Bros. on to your OUYA now! – Free to Try, Price $1.99


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