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Adventure Games that are Worth Your Time Playing

When it comes to adventure games on OUYA, there are more than one type.  We have the graphical novels, the Point and click adventures, even Action Adventure games.  This list will be Adventure games that are worth taking the time playing because of what they offer.  This will include visual novels, action adventures, point and click, and more.  Note: Betas and Early Access Games will not be part of the list.  All game titles will link to their game page on  All ratings taken from

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ReviOUYA Review #48 – Rush Bros.

Rush Bros, by XYLA Entertainment, is a competitive platformer where 2 DJs, Bass and Treble – who were once a DJ Duo now gone solo – are competing to become the top DJ in the world. To that they must compete in the ultimate competition, a race against each other.

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ReviOUYA Review #47 – Beekyr: Eco Shoot em Up

Beekyr is a Shoot ’em up with a difference.  By Kaleido Games, you star as Beekyr, the worker bee, now soldier, after coming back to your hive and seeing it destroyed with the queen rather beat up.  Destroy those pesky wasps and their helpers that have ruined your home, get revenge for your queen.

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