ReviOUYA Review #45 – Speed Rush

Speed Rush is a Moto GP racer made by GameAnax.  The game has went through a Kickstarter over a year ago and has released their game first on OUYA.  As a Moto Racer, race against a variety of tracks with bikes of different sets, and classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  Get the gold and get top class bikes and courses!

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics go for a realistic approach which looks quite good in of itself.  The Motorbikes have a reflective surface, and the asphalt have a rough yet smooth, detailed look to them,  All the bikes look vastly different from each other, so no two bikes are the same.  The in game text used to alert the user is rather basic, but still very legible.  Some places do have slowdown, it seems to be more the case in the France level and a little bit in the main menu, otherwise there is very little if none at all.  This is certainly one of the more polished games on OUYA graphically.

Watch me turn!

Sounds: 8/10

The music is a little bit on the quiet side, but that is alright, because there are sound and music settings in the options!  The tunes are typical fast-paced, quick-beat racing tunes which gives off a fast racing vibe.  The sound effects are top notch as well, as there is a sound for every action, whether colliding with an object, skidding, and even backfire.

Gameplay: 7/10

The main menu navigation can take a bit to get used to as it requires using UP/DOWN on the D-pad, yet the menu categories are in a circle.  Not too big an issue though.  There are quite a number of different features including a statistics section where you can check the current statistics.  There is also a motorcycle viewing area, where you can look at the bikes’ graphical  details. There are multiple different play modes such as Checkpoint Race, Normal Race, Timed Trial, and Black Knockout.  There is also a practice race, which allows you to race around the track and hone your skills for the other races.  While the normal races start a bit easy in the first chain, they get more difficult the higher the chains unlocked.  On top of that, the other mode are still quite challenging.  There is also achievements to be acquired in the game, which adds greatly to the replay value.  There is something that feels missing though, that I cannot quite put my finger on, but that missing part is what is preventing it from getting a higher score.


Speed Rush is quite an engaging racer.  With 4 chains to unlock, 12 stages total, 10 Superbikes, and plenty of game modes, there is plenty of reason to keep coming back to this game.  Oh, and did I mention multiple save profiles?  Because that is also a thing in Speed Rush!

Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Overall: 7.8/10

Push Speed Rush on to your OUYA now! Free to Try – Price $2.99


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