ReviOUYA Review #43 – Elliot Quest

Elliot Quest is a Metroidvania-styled adventure by Ansimuz.  Elliot is a boy who is filled with inner conflict, as well has been cursed by the evil Satar.  He sets out on a mission to try to get the Guardians’ aid to defeat the Satar once and for all. With 5 dungeons and 16 Bosses, all that is left to wonder is: is this adventure really that great?

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics are done pixel style.  But it was done so beautifully that it is easy to get immersed with those graphics.  Everything is consistently made and all matches the game perfectly.  This includes the detail put into the bosses, the characters, the backgrounds, and Elliot, himself.  The game moves fluidly as well, with no signs of slowdown, except when starting up the game (Elliot Quest, lacks a loading screen, not really needed though).  The game both looks good and is smooth as butter!

killing a giant worm… #justelliotthings

Sounds: 10/10

The BGM is extremely well-orchestrated, and very memorable.  I still continue to get one of the battle songs stuck in my head.  It has a video game vibe to it, and yet gives invokes emotion and drive to continue playing through the game.  One of the main reasons I find it hard to put Elliot Quest down is because of the killer soundtrack.  The sound effects in Elliot Quest are solid as well.  While not too glaring, they get the point across, whether it be taking damage or shooting an enemy.  On top of that, there is in-game volume control, so if you want to hear more music and less sfx, there is the ability to do so (Hit R1 to get the sound menu).

Gameplay: 10/10

Elliot Quest is an adventure, and with every adventure there is exploration.  Exploration here includes backtracking, and finding your own way.  There is a lot of character development in Elliot Quest as well, from solving his inner conflict, lifting the curse from his body, to choosing whether he should fight for good or evil. There are tons of items to get which lead closer to completion, many which are optional to acquire.  With plenty of region to explore.  The game is well designed, and perfect for those who are searching for a game where exploration is key!


Elliot Quest is one of the top Adventure games on OUYA.  Where exploration is key, and many different places to explore, some places you cannot even get to until a certain item is acquired.  A lot of thought and heart was put into this game and it shows.  For those who want a compelling adventure, look no further, as Elliot Quest will keep you going for quite some time.

Graphics: 10/10
Sounds: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Push Elliot Quest on to your OUYA now – Premium, Price $9.99 (worth every penny!)



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