ReviOUYA Review #41 – Overdroy

Overdroy is a puzzle platformer created by Roberto T. Fauri.  Play as Droy, a robot on wheels who needs to acquire all the gears he can across all the stages.  This was one of the first “Buy first” games that came on to OUYA, but is it any good?  Well let us see…

Graphics: 9/10

Overdroy looks very slick.  The background scenes are very smooth and easy on the eyes, and the animation of all objects, including the main character run super smooth.  The special effects, like explosions, look quite good as well.  There is a lack of animated background, making it as a whole feel rather flat.  The game otherwise keeps a steady, consistent frame rate, making the game easy to play without any slow downs.

And…now I am upside down!

Sounds: 10/10

The music is loud and vibrant, from the moment you start till you end the game.  It all gives quite a good vibe.  The sound effects are just as good and work quite well for this game.  Nothing generally feels out of place either.  There is also the ability to mute the sound and music as well if needing be.

Gameplay: 8/10

Overdroy is a Puzzle platformer, and a solid one at that.  The puzzles start off easy but can get challenging quite quickly.  As Overdroy, you are able to roll around quite fast, and jump not very high.  This game also contains some in-game physics, so stopping while running or jumping will leave a bit of a drag, just like in real life (no such things as an abrupt stop).  There are absolutely no enemies in Overdroy, but there are hazardous obstacles such as faulty wiring, the ‘abyss’, water, explosives, etc.  Some of these can be used to your advantage, others can do more harm than good.  Each level also contains a power up that can aid you if used right.  The goal is to collect all the gears, find the exit item and get to the exit.


Overdroy is a fun, yet very challenging Puzzle platformer.  With different stages, levels, mechanics, and puzzles, it can keep the avid puzzle platformer busy for hours at a time.   As this leans more towards the puzzle aspect of puzzle platformer, those looking for something a bit more streamlined, is best not to pick this one up.  For those who love puzzles, and puzzle platformers in general, this is a must buy!

Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 10/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

Push Overdroy on to your OUYA now!  Premium – Price $1.99


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