ReviOUYA Review #40 – Gene Effect

Gene Effect, by Lightstorm3D, is an adventure game taking place on the planet Kratoss.  Guide your team through the underground caverns and find out the secrets of the planet, as well as what the mystery of your best friends death and what the government is trying to keep secret.

Graphics: 10/10

Everything runs buttery smooth, and looks great while doing it.  There are a number of distinct objects to interact with, all bright and noticeable.  The background has such detail as well as well as the interactive (threatening) flowers, and the Triton (the ship you reside in) as well.  There is alot of attention to detail in these worlds as well, from the hidden temples, to the bones of large creatures, along with webs and whatever else.  The world gives a sense of wonder, and really enhances the desire to explore more. The menu system looks quite polished, and the credits, and other dialogue are quite explosive, making it feel like a sci-fi movie, very well done.

This must be a nest… hope I don’t become food next!

Sounds: 8/10

The soundtrack is not only amazing, but it is also unlockable.  On certain level completions, it also makes available to the music that was played in that level.  A problem however, is the music doesn’t play throughout the whole level.  It is actually left to the environmental sounds first until something was unlocked, or a threat is near.  This can put off some, but isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it gives a sense of either wanting to know what is up ahead, or to turn back and run away.  Either way, the soundtrack certainly adds to the excitement, and immersion of game.  The Sound effects and machine-voice acting are great as well.  Easily adding to the immersion of the game. Whether it be from anomalies or rocks crumbling, the sound effects do not disappoint!

Gameplay: 9/10

Gene Effect is an Adventure game where you are given a set of missions per level, and it is up to you to complete them.  Missions tend to vary from collecting minerals, to finding DNA artefacts, Relics, and mummified bodies.  The game throws quite alot at you which in turn adds to the excitement when going deeper into the depths of the world you are placed in.  The game does start off a bit slow at first, but picks up in a nice transitional way.  On top of that, everything is easy to navigate, both in game and the main menus.


Gene Effect is a well polished, well-made game that has not received the love it deserves.  With the many things to unlock, an engaging story, and a very immersive game, for those looking for some adventure with a bit of action on the side, will not want to miss this game.  Highly recommended for all OUYA owners to try.

Graphics: 10/10
Sounds: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Push Gene Effect on to your OUYA now! – Free to try, Price $5.99


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