ReviOUYA Review #39 – Choplifter HD

Choplifter HD, by InXile Entertainment, is an action game based on the original Choplifter. Play the role as a helicopter pilot gunning down enemies, and saving hostages and citizens from terrorists, zombies, and other crazy things. With many helicopters in your arsenal and a variety of stages.

Graphics: 7/10

The look of everything varies greatly between stages.  Some have great detail, and others look sorely basic.  Some of the landscapes look really rushed, especially some of the jungle and city levels.  The background has significantly less detail than the foreground, which is okay in some cases, but can really leave a disconnect as it is a noticeable difference.  The frame rate overall is okay.  Some areas, especially with a lot happening at once, can cause it to drop a bit, but never to the point where the game is unplayable.  The bullet, rocket, and Anti-air effects look quite neat, as well as all explosions.  The helicopters have a fair amount of detail and look quite nice as well.

Blow up all the things!

Sounds: 4/10

There is no music.  Not sure why, as there is even a music dial in the main menu.  The most for music heard is the sounds of the helicopter blades spinning.  The lack of music is what hurts the game immensely, because without a real soundtrack the game, after a while, starts to feel boring.  The voice acting is okay, and the sound effects are nice as well.  The dialogue can be quite humorous at times as well.  This is all fine, but when there is a lack of actual BGM, or anything to help it the game feel more atmospheric, it means nothing.

Gameplay: 7/10

There are different types of missions in Choplifter HD.  It ranges from Search and rescue missions, destroy enemies/objects, or a hybrid of both.  There are even times where there is a need to defend areas from the zombie apocalypse.  Unfortunately that really doesn’t mean much, as the game itself is still quite linear.  Basically the chopper leaves the base, shoots enemies, collects hostages, and gets back to base to drop them off, recharge rockets and refuel.  Wash rinse repeat.  There is the odd gas station, but that is really it.  There isn’t multiple paths, nor anything else really to make it feel a bit more exciting.  It also moves rather slow, for a time attack based game.  Also, whenever a level is completed, instead of going from the mission menu, or going to the next level, you are brought back to the main menu, which is rather difficult to navigate on its own.  Aside from the issues, the game is good for short bursts of fun.


Choplifter HD is an okay game.  For anyone wanting to play it out of nostalgia, I doubt it would be found here.  As a completely separate game, devoid of its past, it is a fairly solid title for short bursts of fun.  The menu system, lack of immersion, and lack of music tends to not make the game go further than that.

Graphics: 7/10
Sounds: 4/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Overall: 6/10

Push Choplifter HD on to your OUYA now!  Free to try, Price $6.99


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