ReviOUYA Review #36 – Fright Fight

Fright Fight, by APPsolute Games LLC, is a 4-man arena fighter with both online and offline capabilities.  There are 4 playable characters in the game:  Carmilla the Vampire, Hugo the Yeti, Grim the Reaper, and Kahn the Werewolf with more characters coming in the near future.  This fighter has some RPG elements as well such as levelling the character and distributing stats.

Graphics: 7/10

The Graphics are very colourful and vibrant.  The characters are distinct-looking and the stage background is very beautiful to look at.  There is only one stage at this time, but 3 different layouts for said stage.  The background has alot of moving parts and it is quite nice to look at whenever there is a chance to stop and look at them.  The character animations feel a bit stiff at point which makes it feel like the characters are moving their limbs at all.  The game itself does have frame drops from time to time, but it appears to be more related to network connection with other players than the game and special effects itself.

The fright is real!!

Sounds: 7/10

The Music is very nice to listen to.  The is the menu music and the battle music.  The battle music sounds overall different what what battle music tends to sound like, which isn’t a bad thing at all.  The main menu music does feel louder than the battle music and can make people jump from the sudden burst of noise.  It does feel like there are sound effects missing in this game.  There is no voice to count down to when to fight, nor when time is up, which feels like there should really be something there in terms of sounds

Gameplay: 6/10

The game itself can be played locally or Online.  There is a single player challenge mode, a local vs. mode and an online battle mode.  The Challenge mode is nothing really to sneeze at, as the goal is to hit as many targets as possible with whatever character chosen.  The local multiplayer vs. and Online are both the same in terms of fighting it out against other players either on the couch or over the net.  Given a 3 minute time limit, the goal is to get the most kills out of everyone else.  The results give either an increase in ranking, Exp, and gold.  The higher the kills the better the rewards of course.  The exp is for levelling the character and increasing the stats to them, while the gold is for unlocking new skills.  The combat itself can be fun, but the framerate can drop sometimes, depending on the connection with the other users across the net.   The menus are rather difficult to wade through, and feels that the game itself was made for mobile devices first.  But there are achievements, rankings and missions which does help add to the replayability factor.


Fright Fight is a game with plenty of flaws attached, but those flaws don’t make it a bad game at all.  It has a decent Online portion as well as offline multiplayer portion, and while the framerate gets choppy, the graphics are all around rather nice to look at.  The game itself does have popups for buying skulls, but those can be easily avoided.  The music is decent, if not loud in some places.   As a 4-player brawler, the game is good fun, but only if not letting its faults get in the way.

Graphics: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Overall: 6.5/10

Push Fright Fight on to your OUYA now! – Free to try with rather complex pay model


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