ReviOUYA Review #31 – Brick Break Blitz

Brick Break Blitz (BBB) is a Breakout-style Arcade game made by Super Icon Ltd.  The game itself contains roughly 80 different levels separated in 4 different episodes.  With plenty of power ups and break out action.  There are also online leaderboards where users can see where they stand on the high score table against other users playing the game.

Graphics: 9/10

While simple, BBB has beautiful high-definition graphics.  Everything is crisp and clear when playing.  There are tons of particle effects for when the ball hits the walls, the paddle and the bricks.  Also, plenty more when power ups are utilized.  Another nice trick added is when the ball hits any of the walls, it shakes the walls a bit.  A downside to this is when you get multiple balls on the field, if 2 or more hit the walls at the same time, things might slow a bit.  Otherwise the game runs at a smooth and solid pace from beginning to the end of each level.  The episodes each have their own aesthetically pleasing look to them, each theme differing greatly from each other.  So it never feels repetitive.


Music: 7/10

The music is nice, but rather forgettable. There is nothing really to the music that leaves one with a tune stuck in their head.  However, that doesn’t mean it is bad either.  The music is great for this type of game, the techno works quite well.  As the quick beat keeps the drive going.  The Sound effects really add to the game.  It may not seem so at first, but the satisfying hit when the sound of the ball breaking that last ball is always worth it.

Gameplay: 9/10

The game is typical brick breaking attire.  Break the bricks, advance to the next level.  What adds to make this different, however is the boss battles.  There are now boss battles at the end of every episode.  Beating the boss returns a final high score that gets uploaded to the leaderboards (optional).  The boss is basically a moving puzzle that has its own speed and direction and the goal is, of course, break every brick.  There are also bomb bricks where, upon hitting those, will destroy a number of bricks that are surrounding it.  There are also a wide array of power ups and power downs in the game which are quite entertaining to watch in action.  The crazy ball, for example, turns the ball into what appears to be a stumbling drunk as it reaches its next target, quite clumsily.


Brick Break Blitz is a fun little breakout-style game which contains tons for short fun.  Perfect for when stopping a long adventure and doing something different and lighthearted for a while.  Plus the added replayability when it comes to being the best on the online leaderboards.  For the price it is, this game is definitely a must get.

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 7/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

Push Brick Break Blitz on to your OUYA now! –  Free to Try, Price $1.99


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