Top 5 Driving Games

It has been a few months, been extremely busy with the whole moving gig.  Anyhow, lets do a top 5 Driving games list!  OUYA hasn’t had many driving games, but the few that are around are really quite decent to play.  Let’s get on with it, shall we?

#5 The Roads of the Apocalypse by SAS LHD

The Roads of Apocalypse is a post-apocalyptic racer where you need to race to the finish line by any means possible, which includes destroying your competition.  There are plenty of different weapons and defences in the game all acquired by picking up a mystery box on the road as you go.  The landscapes are very nice to look at, in a desolate sort of way, and the rock soundtrack certainly helps give the feel of a post-apocalyptic race.  Very MadMax-ish!  The game itself is $2.99, and it is free to try, so I recommend giving it a go!

#4 Skyriders by Inverse Blue

Skyriders is an obstacle-style Racer.  The goal of the game is to get as many stars as you can, and get to the end of the track without falling off the edge.  There is a twist to this as well, You have to flip your vehicle to collect stars, as your vehicle can be oriented to a single colour.  For example, Your ship may initially be able to collect yellow stars, but you see a red one, to get it, you must flip your vehicle to change its orientation to get those stars, or else your speed will drop instantly, thus making it more difficult to complete the course.  A fun and extremely addicting game with some pretty good techno music can help get that driving itch out of the way.  Did I mention it is free?

#3 Zombie Driver HD by EXOR Studios

Zombie Driver HD isn’t a racer like the 2 mentioned above.  But it is quite the vibrant driving game if I ever saw one.  Vibrant in terms of blood spatter everywhere, colourful grass, even in a zombie apocalypse, etc.  Go through the story based missions and Kill those massive amounts of zombies, while helping the military, news crews, and others get what they need to get done.  Zombie Driver is good for those who just want to run people over and feel great about, and even better for those who want an in depth action game that involves cars!  $4.99 and Free to Try

#2 DeadEnd by Flying Oak Games

If you haven’t had enough of running over Zombies in Zombie driver HD, check out DeadEnd.  This is is a Driving game in similarity to OutRun, except the object is to get to your destination, while running over zombies, wiping blood off the wind-shield, avoiding potholes, other vehicles, and helicopters shooting at you.  There are many achievements to be had in this game, and it simply is not easy to get to the very end of the road either, which leaves a lot of replay value to this game.  This monochromatic driver is certainly a thrill to play, and I recommend everyone to try it at least once.  Free to try for only $1.99!

#1 Speed Rush by GameAnax

Speed Rush may have come out recently, but it is already worthy of being in the top position.  It is an extremely well-polished motorcycle racer that has a variety of bikes, courses, and modes to play.  Modes which include normal race, checkpoint racing, Time Trial, and more.  Speed Rush also contains a statistics section that allows the player to see their overall run, how many kilometres driven, trophies won, and more!  Speed Rush is a must for any racing fan, and more so for any motorcycle fan!  Only $2.99, free to try, and worth every penny!

Honourable Mentions:

Thunder Desert GP by FoppyGames – Thunder Desert GP is another wonderfully made Motorcycle Racer, it is 2D and a bit barebones, but it is free and extremely fun to play!
Super Renegade Response by Pixeldriver – A Call to the 80s, Super Renegade Response is a fun action driver where you simply try your hardest to get to the end and beat that boss!
Nights Riders by Bakanekofr – Night Riders is yet another great Motorcycle Racer, more with a Hang on sort of feeling, with many different scenes, though basic, quite beautiful, and the ability to add your own music into it!
Highway Rally by Spil Games – One of the better Car Racing games on the OUYA, this is a rally racer where the goal is to beat certain times, as well as your own via ghost car!  Completely free and quite fun to play
FlashOut 3D by Jujubee S.A – FlashOut was a lovely Futuristic racer, extremely colourful and vibrant.  Even though it had quite the mobile feel to it, it doesn’t completely detract from it being great fun to play.  This was also one of OUYAs launch games.
Bears Can’t Drift by Ludophobia – Bears Can’t drift is a racer that is still in heavy development.  It has an alpha released on Discover with one track.  It looks to be a fantastic game in the future once complete.  Until then we will simply have to wait for that to come.


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