ReviOUYA Preview #2 – Read Only Memories

Read Only Memories (ROM for short) is an Adventure game similar to games such as Snatcher for the Sega CD and Deicide 3 for the Gp2X Wiz.  Made by MidBoss, this game takes place in the year 2064 in Neo-San Francisco.  You are a reporter making ends meet and suddenly finds out your long lost friend died, by your friend’s ROM PC.

The graphics are reminiscent of the 16-bit era, with its bright colours, and outlines.  This isn’t a bad thing by any means.  If anything, it adds to the charm of the game.  Each character has their own animations (as well as their own personalities) when engaged in a conversation.  The setting gives a strong 90s-style futuristic feeling to it all.  With Robot officers, some crazy 90s-style futuristic clothing, etc.  Everything feels smooth, and fun.  On top of the fact that there is more to come, I look forward to seeing what all will be added.

ROMs serving drinks?? Oh the humanity!

The music is very nice to listen to.  Again, very reminiscent of the 90s games with its chip-tune style music. The game has speech sound effects as well, not voice acting but more like the sounds heard when you see speech in the older Adventure and RPG games.

The game itself has so much personality to it, and is one of the more open-minded games out there as it touches heavily on themes that would be touched extremely lightly, if at all in other games these days.  It is also a classic style adventure game, so for those who are interested in those types of games (think Snatcher or Policenauts, or Deicide 3 if you had a Gp2X/Caanoo) this will be a treat.

Highly recommend trying the demo out now.  Currently the demo is out, and with the ability to preorder for $9.99.  Official game will be out sometime in November

Push Read Only Memories onto your OUYA now! 


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