ReviOUYA Review #30 – EP Gem Hunter

Gem Hunter, made by EP Games, is an arcade game inspired by games such as Pac Man.  Control Ayron, the main hero in retrieving all the gems on each map while avoiding the enemies.  Or, pick up power ups to have an advantage over your enemies.  Customize Ayron and post scores on the EP Games High score board.

Graphics: 7/10

At first you think the scenery is completely flat, then you find out that the houses, arches, etc aren’t so flat after all when running behind them.  There is some need for shadows to give the maps a sense of depth, otherwise each map (total of 5) is colourful and nice to look at.  Ayron (the hero) is colour customizable, with many different hair, and suit colours to choose from.  Ayron and the enemies are also very solid 3D models.  The Gems are distinctive and the different effects for each power up is a nice touch.  With the enemys changing colour and looking sick, to the speed up power up giving Ayron a tailwind.  The charming visuals make Gem Hunter a pleasure to play.

Nothing like picking up gems in feudal Japan!

Sounds: 7/10

The Background music is nice and easy to listen to, which can be okay.. but the easy listening doesn’t necessarily fit with an arcade style game.  The techno certainly livens it up whenever you obtain the sword powerup, adding a brief moment of excitement until it goes back to its easy listening BGM.  There is no sound choppiness, nor delay is starting music, sound effects, etc.  The Sound effects themselves are crystal clear and don’t sound out of place.  They fit well with the game, and every sword hit feels so satisfying.

Gameplay: 8/10

The game is just like standard PacMan but with some extras.  Before even getting into the game, you can customize your main character.  The ability to change hair colour, suit colour, and eye colour.  Adding customization and personalization is a definite plus to this game.  In the game itself, you have to get the gems before any of the baddies get you.  There is also the power-up sword which renders the enemies scared and running away while you get the chance to attack!  There is also the speed up power-up and the invisibility potion power-up as well to keep things interesting.  Each map is a different maze and they continuously rotate, even after you go through them all once.  Each level also gets increasingly tougher and faster than before which can add to the replay value easily.  There are even online scoreboards if you want to share your score with the world.  All that would need to be done is to register an EP Games account and you would be all set.


Gem Hunter has some pretty nice graphics, and some good music as well.  What really makes it shine, though, is its gameplay elements.  While it may just seem to be PacMan, it was redone with a style that makes Gem Hunter its own game.  Gem Hunter is certainly a good purchase and an overall great Arcade style game to play.

Graphics: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Overall:  7.5/10

Push EP Gem Hunter on to your OUYA now! Free to try, Price $2.99


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