ReviOUYA Review #28 – Astral Breaker

Astral Breaker is a an action puzzler made by Intropy games.  The game pits you in a battle against a friend, or AI to see who can make their opponent get to the top first.  In the game, the goal is to keep your side low by stacking up similar coloured/symbol pieces and destroy them with a trigger piece.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics look really nice in Astral Breaker.  The constellation choices are clear and concise, and the puzzle pieces look distinct enough to be able to tell them apart, both by colour and symbol.  The font, while fancy, can make things a bit hard to read however, but nothing truly game breaking with regards to that.  The backgrounds are merely stars and constellations, and the effects are simple but still well done.  Framerate feels a tad low, however.  It feels like the game is running rather sluggishly, which is unfortunate as a game like this requires precision and quick thinking.

Those colours are out of this world!

Sounds: 7/10

There is one musical track throughout the game.  It is quite a relaxing track to listen to as well, it has a very calm melody.. perhaps too calm as it could possibly put one to sleep.  The sound effects are nothing spectacular either, but they do get the job done.  You will know when a puzzle piece falls and lands on another, and when you connect a piece with a trigger to eliminate all identical pieces.

Gameplay: 4/10

The game feels sluggish at best.  Playing a Human vs CPU is just slow, from moving your piece, to dropping it.  It constantly feels like there is a delay when the player or the opponent eliminates some block and blocks are being places into the others’ space.  The controls seem to lag a bit as well from moving the pieces left and right and dropping them, which can lead to a frustrating time when this game focuses on precision and timing.  It is nice being able to select your favourite astrology constellation, but other than the image, there is no benefits to choosing any.  However, the AI is different for each astrology character, which can make for a fun, challenging time.  The Arcade mode is really just Human vs. one CPU.  After a round is beat, you can replay it, or select a new character, but there is nothing truly arcade about it.


While the game certainly look good, looks can be quite deceiving when it comes to gameplay.  If Astral Breaker ever gets a nice speed boost in the game, as well as adding an actual arcade mode, it can be quite a fun game.  Until then, the game just feels too sluggish to be playable, let alone enjoyable at this point in time.

Graphics: 7/10
Overall: 6/10

Push Astral Breaker on to your OUYA now! – Premium $1.99


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