ReviOUYA Review #27 – Haymaker

Haymaker is a 1-on-1 Fighting game made by the developers of the same name.  You can play as one of 4 characters, each with their own fighting style, in the setting of 1950’s United States of America. This game comes with both a single player, and local multiplayer option.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are in beautifully rendered 3D, and very well stylized and shaded.  Each character has their own unique look adding to the 1950’s vibe.  The setting itself is also quite vibrant and energetic.  Characters in the background are cheering or going about their lives while you duke it out with your opponent.  While things happen in the background, it isn’t too busy to the point where it is distracting, but it does give a nice feeling of a lively world.  The animations are smooth as well, nothing feels choppy or out of place when fighting, starting up or even the win pose.  The graphics certainly make this game shine.

1 on 1, Boxer chick vs redneck, who will win?

Sounds: 7/10

Every sound of a hit is spot on, the voice acting isn’t too shabby either.  Each character has its grunts and things to say, all with a very distinct voice as well.  You can hear the crowd cheering as well which is a nice addition.  However, there is only 1 song to the game, while not bad, it can lead to feeling dull due to lack of music variety.  During the fights the music is lowered a bit to hear the rest of what is going on.  It isn’t quiet though to the point where you cannot hear it, it still is very distinct.

Gameplay: 5/10

While the game does well in the graphics and sound, it does fall short in gameplay.  There are 2 modes, Single Player and Multi Player.  Single Player is just a single 1-on-1 match with a CPU.  There is no tournament mode or arcade mode.  There is also no difficulty settings, meaning the AI doesn’t get any tougher.  On top of that, the collision detection is a bit off, so when it seems you hit the enemy, the connection may not have been made, as shown when the enemy doesn’t flinch or step back.  The combat is otherwise fun.  The controls are simple, with weak, medium, and strong hits and a block.  There is also a sp. attack button when your sp. attack meter is full.  The Multiplayer aspect can be fun as well, but as a single player game it lacks.


Haymaker is one of the first official fighting games on the OUYA.  It has solid 3D graphics, and a great 1950s theme to it.  However, as a fighting game it falls short, as it lacks a proper Single player mode, and focuses more on the Multiplayer aspect.  Also with the problems with collision detection cane make this game sometimes rather frustrating to play.  As a Multiplayer game, however, it is good with a few drinks with the friends.  If you are in desperate need of a 3D Fighter, check this out.

Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 7/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

Push Haymaker on to your OUYA now! – Free to Try $0.99


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