ReviOUYA Review #25 – Super Pixalo

Super Pixalo is a Platformer made by Philip Royer.  It stars as a pixel from the 1960’s in an arcade cabinet and traversing through time as things advance before his eyes.  Each Decade has 20 levels and each level has a collectible item to obtain.  It is a seemingly simple game, until you actually play it, then you see where the difficulty lies.


Graphics: 7.5

The graphics are simple.  Simple sprites, and simple backgrounds.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however, as everything is also bright and distinctive.  The levels range from being small to large and a lot of things can happen at once per level.  There is only one character (Pixalo) and it is quite the happy looking block.  The game runs smooth as butter, including Pixalo’s jump, which includes a 360 degree spin.  So while the graphics are simple, they are effective.  The game doesn’t have much for eye-candy, but what it does have works, and works well.

It may look easy now, but give it time…

Sounds: 7

The background music tries to capture the retro feel of the game, and it does it well with its modern touch.  It is only really noticeable in the main menu though.  Once in game, the background music gets quieter, to the point where it barely can be heard.  Sound effects vary in volume as well.  The jump sound effect can be quiet while the death is loud and noticeable.  Regardless on volume of the sound effects, no piece of sound is hard on the ears.  Everything is quite pleasant to listen to while playing the game.

Gameplay: 8.5

The game starts out quite easy, but it progressively gets harder.  On top of that, every Decade has new, different obstacles, adding to the challenge.  This makes the game incredibly fun to play as the challenge increases greatly.  On top of that, there is an optional item to collect in each level.  To get the item, you generally would have to move off the main path to get the item, having to go through a tougher trap to get it and get out.  Each collectible gets added to the collectibles list which can be checked out in the main menu.  Overall a fun game with a ton of replay value.


Super Pixalo, a solid game that is worth anyone’s time who loves a challenge.  Those who like a progressively difficult game would love this.  The graphics are fine, as they get the job done, and graphically it is well polished.  The sounds do vary in volume, but none are harsh on the ears,  with the background music being nice to listen to, if not calming.  The gameplay is what makes it all shine.  With its challenge, and replayability, people will be coming back more and more often to play.  If you like a tough game, get Super Pixalo, you won’t regret it!

Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 8.5
Overall: 7.8

Push Super Pixalo on to your OUYA now! Free to Try $4.99


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