ReviOUYA Preview #1 – Super Renegade Response


Super Renegade Response is an action racer made by Monster Finger Games, the player controls the Super Renegade Response vehicle and takes out the villains causing chaos in the vicinity by any means possible.  The game itself is inspired by classic 80’s movies and video games like Action Fighter on the Sega Master System.

The game’s graphics are pretty solid currently.  Everything runs smoothly from beginning to end, end everything is noticeable.  You know which car is yours, and you you are trying to avoid.  Nothing blends in, which is great, as it allows easy navigation of your vehicle.  The one thing I noticed, however, was the GUI in each level, currently, is slightly mixed around.  This is probably to find out which works best in the final version, it still was quite clear where everything was, how much time left, length travelled, etc.  There is also a great variety of vehicles and background objects, such as signs, trees, and lamp posts, so nothing looks exactly the same.  Graphically this game appears it will be a solid title.

The music and sound is clear, but the music sounds it is softer and the sound effects greatly overpower the music.  Hopefully by release we will see a better harmonic balance between the two.  I also noticed that the explosion sound effects chance once you reach stage 2.  This may be the developers choosing which sound effect may work better (I prefer 2 ;))  The techno music track works with the game itself, I am hoping that there will be more tracks later.  If not, that is okay as the music is still worth listening to while playing.

The gameplay works fine currently, it starts off slow (like all games that type should) and then picks up speed the more speed bumpers hit.  The speed may need to start just a bit faster, however as currently it feels a bit too slow.  There are also 2 different mapping options to choose before starting the game which is good for those who prefer a different method of control.  I have run into a bug though where selecting a layout would crash the game, but it doesn’t happen often.  The controller precision is fantastic, never had a problem turning right or left, nor any sliding.  The 1st Boss also provided enough of a challenge.  The gameplay is really shining well for Super Renegade Response.

Super Renegade Response is shaping up to be quite a solid game.  It looks nice, sounds nice, and feels oh so fine.  I look forward to its final release.  Currently price is still TBD, but it is looking to be a worthwhile purchase.


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