Top 5 Shoot-em-ups

This Top 5 list will be about Top-down shmups, not run n’ guns, Dual-sticks, nor First person shooters. Those will come at a later time ūüėČ Shmups was a term made around the late 90s with them top down and side-scrollers shoot em up arcade games being all over the place. Great stuff too I think, and there are plenty of fantastic ones on OUYA!

#5: Beekyr by KaleidoGames

Beekyr is a Shoot ’em up with a difference. ¬†Instead of taking place in space, or even a ship, you are a Bee, trying to find out what happened to your home, and taking out those that get in your way. ¬†It has 2 modes of play, 1 being the stage¬†mode where you are horizontal scrolling going from one end to the other ¬†and the 2nd being the boss mode, where you have to fill up your honeycomb and release a bomb to destroy the boss. ¬†This game is beautiful, and fluid. ¬†It also contains a fitting soundtrack and is quite a thrill to play. ¬†It recently got an update making it feel like a whole new game. ¬†So if you played it before, play it again, and if you didn’t well.. play it now! ¬†Great $4.99 Shmup.

#4: Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection by Flump Studios

The Alien Insect race is trying to come and destroy and/or enslave the human race.  SKH Resurrection is quite a solid shmup.  The twist to this, however, is to gain multipliers, you need to create and solve math equations.  Numbers fall from the sky, and you need to catch them to create an equation, and solve them to gain a multiplier.  Not doing so will make the game quite difficult as the multiplier also increases the bullet strength.  Fail to correctly solve an equation leads to a downgrade.  This adds challenge and fun to the game as you are trying to destroy everything in your path with bullet-hell fashion and solve math equations at the same time for a stronger ship and better score.  Definitely worth a try.  $1.99.

#3: Twin Tiger Shark by Wide Pixel Games

Twin Tiger Shark is a tribute¬†to those popular, and insanely difficult TOAPLAN shoot ’em ups. ¬†Everything about this game is reminiscent of it as well. ¬†From the Transition when you start the game/die/next level, to the difficulty, to the style. ¬†This game also allows various modes such as TATE, so you can play in any screen mode you wish to. ¬†Coupled with a crazy difficulty, even on normal mode. ¬†All these guys ask for is a donation,¬†so if you like it, donate away!

#2: Kosmik Revenge by realtech VR

Kosmik Revenge has Online Leaderboards, Ship¬†Upgrades, daily challenges, and a great arcade mode taking mixing together games such as Space Invaders, TATE shmups, and asteroids. ¬†It is basically everything you could want in a shoot ’em up. ¬†It is fast paced and never lets up, with each stage being more challenging than the last. ¬†¬† The game is crisp, lively, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. ¬†Simply a joy to play. ¬†Recommended for any shooter fan who loves the classics and is ready for a modern twist on such. ¬†It is a free game with the ability to get 2 different types of VIP passes to unlock global leaderboards and item discounts and whatnot.

#1: Sine Mora by Digital Reality Publishing Ltd.

Sine Mora is more on the Story end of the Shoot ’em up spectrum, and what a strong story it is. ¬†There are many twists and turns in that story and all makes for a wild ride. ¬†On top of that, the insanely lush graphics. ¬†Everything is absolutely beautiful. ¬†The bullets, the ships, the scenery, even the bosses! ¬†There is even voice acting in this game, while not in English, give each character personality thus enhancing the story. ¬†On top of that, the time system. ¬†When your ship takes damage, you lose time, when you destroy other ships, you gain time. ¬†It is a neat mechanic that makes you have to destroy things. ¬†On top of that, the mechanic is part of the story. ¬†Sine Mora is a thrill to play and if you have never played it anywhere else, definitely play it here. ¬†Only $5.99

Honorable Mentions:

Enborn X by Lantansia РA fun Boss-style shmup where you play as a girl trying to save the world from the endless Enborn X  definitely worth a try at least.
Raiden Legacy by DotEmu SAS РRaiden Legacy is a collection of Raiden Shmups throughout the years, wrapped in a neat little package.  Each game is fun to play and all offer a great level of challenge.
Galaxoid by Jacob Davis РA game just like Space invaders, Galaxoid is quick, and fun for short bursts.
Bandit Skies by TD Programming ltd РA Shmup/RPG.  Take the role of a pilot hunting down bandits, completing quests and being all around awesome.  pretty fun game aside from the fairly inconsistent graphics


3 responses to “Top 5 Shoot-em-ups

  • Maq

    Nice collection of shooters. Will have to check these out. Thanks!

  • pansapiens

    I’ll have to check out Kosmik Revenge – missed that one. I think Syder Arcade rates a mention too. One of the original OUYA launch titles, good solid shmup, and the first game I bought on OUYA (ah, the nostalgia !)

    • Joshua Racz

      I love Syder Arcade, and completely forgot about it to be honest. It also was one of my first purchases at launch, and a very solid game it was. Actually, I just remembered that I did review Syder Arcade individually! ūüôā

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