Top 5 Platformers

Decided to do something different this time around.  Going to do a top 5 series of genres as well to bring out some of the top games on OUYA.  There are still plenty of people who don’t realize there are games of every genre on here, so I am here to show what is all around! Note: All titles will lead to their game Page

Starting with #5: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Episode 2 by SEGA

This game is known for having a bit of lag on the first 2 levels, and people have not bought it due to such.  After the first 2 levels, however, the game picks up and man is it fantastic.  Personally I find the first 2 levels as well quite fantastic.  Utilizing Tails as a help to destroy objects, fly, and swim was a great idea as well, as it makes you rely on quick reflexes when, lets say you are falling.  You could either die or use Tails to help you up, provided the timing is right.  On top of that, the crisp graphics and awesome Sonic-style sound make this game quite charming to play.  While it isn’t like the original games on the Genesis/Megadrive, for $6.99 this game is great to play in its own right.

#4: Shuttle Rush by Takusan Works

Who wouldn’t like running for their lives with little oxygen left and from aliens trying to kill you?  Well, Bob wouldn’t, and this game is about him!  Shuttle Rush is all about getting to the exit before you run out of air.  Too bad the exit is locked up behind multiple doors and protected by countless amounts of aliens that aren’t to impressed to have someone like Bob on board.  Run for your life, stun the aliens and get some coin while you reach the end.  This game is an adrenaline rush and certainly worth trying.   You cannot really go wrong with the price either being only $4.99

#3: Pizza Boy by Acne Play

Pizza boy is on the more classic end of the platform scale.  You are a Pizza guy giving a birthday present to your girl and a thief has stolen it!  So you must go through all the levels to retrieve that pizza again.  The game is quite polished and the levels, complex. Everything is quite pleasing to the eye and the sound, while loud, is nice to listen to.  Reminiscent of games like Super Mario Bros.  Definitely recommend anyone to try out Pizza Boy if you are in the mood for a more classic Platformer! Only $2.99, but if you buy on your first time playing, it will only be $1.99

#2: Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge by Andrew Bado

The goal of Ultionus was to bring the classic platfomers back, and I must say this game has done a fantastic job.  Play as Serena S, a Galactic Hero who got offended by a troll on Spacebook, and is now going out of her way to exact revenge.  You will be going through multiple world with your trusty gun and companion, shooting things, jumping over things, all to get to the dude who trashed Serena S on her page.  A funny plot and a well developed game.  Everything about it oozes quality from animations to music.  Definite Must-Buy for anyone into the platformer genre, and for $6.99 how can you go wrong?  Also, I must add that this game is CHALLENGING!  Highly recommended for those interested in a challenge.

#1: Shadow Blade by Dead Mage

Shadow Blade gets #1 for multiple reasons.  One Reason being how beautiful the game flows.   From running to jumping to slicing, the game can flow quite naturally if the timing is right.  As it is a ninja game it has ninja elements, such as wall-jumping, dashing, kills from behind, etc.  The environment is a more futuristic setting ranging from a temple, to the cityscape, to the mountains.  The goal is to get a letter to your master.  This game is certainly one of the best platformers on OUYA simply due to the nature of it.  Buy it now for only $4.99!

Honorable Mentions:

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 by SEGA – While a decent game, it suffers from animation issues, making sonic look like he is walking more than running.  On top of that Loop-De-Loops adding dizzyness as it moves the entire camera around as well.
Giana Sisters by Kaasa Solutions GmbH – Giana Sisters is actually quite a joy to play.  But does suffer from its own bugs, such as level skip.  While not game-breaking, it can be frustrating doing the same level twice to progress because the game skipped one.
Maldita Castilla by Locomalito –  This game is quite fantastic, FREE as well, and would have been #6 in the top 5 games, certainly deserves a play.
Antichromatic by Lee Miller – This game is FREE, but quite short.  While short, however it is quite challenging.  Definitely recommend this to anyone in the mood for some colour/depth changing goodness.
Babylonian Twins by App Barbecue – Babylonian Twins is a two-person platformer, meaning you would need to utilize two characters to complete any level.  Very well done and polished game, but extremely challenging to the point of frustration.  If you like those type of games, then check it out.


4 responses to “Top 5 Platformers

  • richiebabee

    I’d definitely throw wind-up knight in the list. Although it is more about learning the pattern of the levels than anything else. It does need pin-point jump/attack/roll/cover skills, so it’s a good one to check out.

  • pansapiens

    Hey – good list & I *mostly* agree 🙂 I’d swap out Sonic 4 Ep2 for Sonic CD – the controls have just never felt right to me in those new Sonics. Always tough with only 5 slots: I really like Fred Wood’s “Love”, X-SEED and Super Crate Box too.

    • Joshua Racz

      I quite like X-SEED as well, but I would call it more an action game than a platformer 😉 Who knows, it may be in a next top 5. In terms of Sonic CD, I find it to be the worst Sonic game I ever played :p

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