ReviOUYA Review #21 – A Ride into the Mountains

A Ride into the Mountains is a very atmospheric game made by Sunhead Games.  Something sinister is going on at the top of the mountain, and it is up to a Zu, young man, and his horse to find out what exactly is going on, and eliminate it.

Graphics: 8/10

The pixel graphics are very basic at best, with only a few colours ever being used for each sprite.  Thanks to this though, you get lovely, fluid animation.  Everything feels so smooth and so natural.  From the scrolling backgrounds to the detail of the horse moving, picking up speed, and slowing down.  While detail is minimal in this game, the minimalist look does hold quite an atmospheric feel to it.  The game, even though is limited in detail, still looks and feels absolutely stunning!

Basking in the moonlight.. #justmoutainthings

Sound: 8/10

The music is very atmospheric.  On its own it is beautiful to listen to.  The music ranges from calming to excitement, all while keeping the theme of the game in tact.  Nothing feels out of place when playing the game and hearing the soundtrack.  The boss music is a short loop, but gives a sense of great challenge. The sound effects are lacking compared to the music (there is no sound when the horse moves), but not horribly.  Every enemy makes a sound when shooting, and the player makes sounds when shooting their arrow.  It really is all that is needed it feels.  Even with its limited sound effects, the game still feels very atmospheric.

Gameplay: 10/10

The game is simple to learn, but hard to master.  You also get new skills when you advance through the game.  Achievements unlock bows, arrows, and other things once you complete the game once, and achievements are not easy to get.  For such a small game, so much was packed into it, making replayability extremely high.  There are two types of levels in this game, side view and overhead view.  Each has their own mechanics while still having the base mechanics included as well.  This game is certainly a must play for any fan of challenge.


A Ride into the Mountains is a very well-polished game.  It has a pixel-minimalist look and, while it may not be appealing to some, incorporates it really well with the game, with smooth animations and a stunning and atmospheric environment.  The soundtrack is also very serene, and compliments the theme and the environment of the game, adding to the atmosphere.  While the game has its grace and beauty, it still also keeps its challenge intact as well, with its tough-to-acquire achievements, as well as simple to learn but difficult to master game mechanics.  This game can surely be enjoyed many.

Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Overall: 8.6/10

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