ReviOUYA Review #16 – Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy is an RPG brought over to OUYA by Square Enix.  This is a remaster of the original Final Fantasy III  that came out for the NES back in 1990 in Japan.  Over the years Square has tried remaking it for modern systems, starting with the Wonderswan Color and ending with the Nintendo DS.  It then came out for IOS, Android and PSP shortly after.  A classic RPG that has made its way through the times.

Graphics: 8/10

The Graphics are overall great.  The most eye-catching thing being the summons, but overall everything being rather basic.  The textures are low resolution, but remain consistent through the entire game, so it is not a problem.  The frame rate is smooth as well with no hiccups at all from exploring to battles.  One of the more noticeable flaws is some of the props appear to be 2D images.  It doesn’t try to appear to be 3D in any way due to some camera angles.  While this is not a game breaking issue, it can throw off some people.  Another, less noticeable flaw being sometimes it appears that the 3D props, such as houses, are floating and not actually on the ground.  This isn’t that noticeable, and only seems to be the case in a couple towns.  The scenery is details, the monsters have enough detail to them, and the game itself just has such style to it.

That skull face looks pretty mean, could be the face of death no?

Sound: 10/10

The music is top notch, everything being orchestrated.  The music, such as the battle theme, is quite memorable as well, easily getting stuck in your head.  Same with the final boss theme.  The music is catchy yet not annoying.  It can be great to listen to.  The sound effects blend well with the game, whether it be acquiring the crystals, the sword slashes, etc.  There is nothing too grand about the Sound effects, but they certainly get the job done.

Gamplay: 10/10

Final Fantasy III is a turn based Console RPG.  The story touches on the background of all the characters (if you want to), and given the choice of touching on all character backgrounds, allows you to experience different side quests.  The battle system is simple but effective, and the Job system is top notch.  With multiple jobs in the world, you can customize each character how you see fit.  The plot is deep, and large and will have the user spend quite a while going through it all and seeing everything there is to see.  Quite a spectacular RPG.


Final Fantasy III is an RPG with decent graphics but a stellar story and game overall with excellent music.  A Must play by all users, especially RPG fans.  While the graphics may appear floaty at times, the game itself is solid, with no little to no bugs seen.  The music is top notch as well, with its orchestra. With such a deep and compelling story, along with a solid battle and job system.  It would be a shame to overlook this title.

Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Overall: 9.3/10

Push Final Fantasy III on to your OUYA now! – Price $14.99


One response to “ReviOUYA Review #16 – Final Fantasy III

  • Jas

    I’ve never been a fan of the gameplay of the FF games, just doesn’t click for me. The Final Fantasy Tactics games though I enjoy immensely.

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