ReviOUYA Review #13 – 3D Street Racing

3D Street Racing is a racer that came out July, 2013.  You race through the city streets with various other cars and try to get first place.  One of the few 3D racers currently on the OUYA.

Graphics:  7/10

The graphics in this game are quite alright.  The cars have reflections that move whenever you move the car, and the scenes themselves have quite a fair bit of detail to them.  We have animated signs as well pointing in the direction you wish to go.  That being said, everything feels quite flat, there is no actual lighting in the game so everything has a sort of flat feeling to it.  Shadows are lacking, as well as any sort of shaded area.  The cars aren’t very original-looking either. They are all the same, but with a different paint job.  The game is quite smooth though, which makes up for the flatness of it all.   It does not suffer any slowdown for any reason, even when there are multiple cars in view, and things are getting too close for comfort.

At least it looks alright..

Sound: 3/10

The sound is almost non-existent.  The music is so low that when you start it up, you would be forgiven to think there was no music added at all.  The volume would have to be turned up on your TV drastically to be able to hear anything, and if you did that, you would have to turn the volume down because the announcers voice, and other sound effects is too loud.  The sound is rather inconsistent with its volume levels and they are not adjustable.  This can leave a frustrating, or even boring, experience with this game.

Gameplay: 4/10

The controls are simple, and they are laid out on the screen while you are racing, so you can never forget.  You can also hide the control layout anytime during the race as well.  Pause is the ‘O’ button, which isn’t very intuitive though.  The physics in this game feels almost non-existent.  The cars have no weight to them and every turn made is a sharp, almost 90-degreee turn which then leads to crashing into the walls multiple times over.  All the cars are on a fixed path as well, which means there is no challenge to the game.  They all drive in their specified path till the very end of the race.  There is really no incentive for winning either except knowing you are in first place, there is also no stage select to choose the stage you want to play on.  It is simply go through all the stages until complete.


3D Street Racing is a mediocre game at best.  The graphics are the only thing really going for it, and even then they are rather mediocre.  Add the rather non-existent music, and floaty game play with no AI and you would wonder why you downloaded the game to begin with.  While it isn’t all bad though.  It is nice to cruise in a vehicle going at top speeds and doing sharp turns on some stages, and if you get used to how the mechanics are laid out, it can be a decent game.  You can also slow down time to time those sharp turns better.  Certainly not the greatest racer out there.

Graphics: 7/10

Sound: 3/10

Gameplay: 4/10

Overall: 4.7/10

Push 3D Street Racing on to your OUYA now! – Price $0.99 + IAP for extended time slowdown


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