ReviOUYA Review #12 – Shuttle Rush

Shuttle Rush came out near OUYA’s launch and then got a large content update bringing in more levels in September.  It is, to this day, still an OUYA exclusive.  It is a platformer similar in style to Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog, where you are racing against time to get to the end of the level with the least amount of hits, and the highest amount of coins.  You star as Space taxman Bob with a punctured “1958 My First adventure space suit” on a ship that has a ‘Shoot taxman on sight’ policy, you need to get out of there as soon as possible while collecting the money you originally came for.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this game are phenomenal.  Everything is so fluid, from Bob’s panting due to running out of Oxygen to doors opening and closing.  Each area has a theme and that theme sticks through from beginning to end.  The little details show as well, for when you have < 5 seconds left on the clock, Bob’s head grows.  Even death is fluid.  The game’s graphics are extremely well polished with no frame rate slowdowns, nor hiccups in animation.  Enemies are just as fluid, and the stages show off little things such as reflections.  Nothing feels out of place either, the atmosphere makes you feel like you are in an alien spaceship from beginning to end.


Sound: 10/10

The music is memorable.  You have different techno style music for each area and Boss-specific music to boot.  Each tune will get stuck in your head after a while, as it feels that it is composed to make it sound almost addicting.  The Sound Effects are great.  They are not overpowering, nor are they too quiet.  The “pop” you hear like a balloon when your head explodes is also quite funny and will have you laughing at least once.

Gameplay: 10/10

The game is easy to learn, yet difficult to master.  It grants you the first area being quite easy, but each level slowly becoming more and more unforgiving.  Once you hit Area 2, you hit the difficulty wall that makes the game so much fun.  Things become challenging, going through every door, trying to get as many coins as you can while finding an oxygen generator, or the exit, before time runs out.  It will certainly take users a couple of tries to beat a level from then on, but you get that feeling of accomplishment once you beat that level.  This is a time based game, you are given a limited amount of time before you can reach the exit.  You can increase that time by finding coins and putting it into the oxygen generator.  This game is quite a challenge, and quite fun to plow through.


Shuttle Rush is a platformer that has charming graphics, addicting music, and challenging gameplay.  Everything is smooth, with no issues regards to flicker or slowdown.  The techno is catchy and can easily get stuck in your head, which in this case, isn’t a bad thing.  The game itself is fun, yet hard, leaving those who want a challenge something they have truly asked for.

Graphics: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

Push Shuttle Rush on to your OUYA now! – Price $4.99


2 responses to “ReviOUYA Review #12 – Shuttle Rush

  • KrisVRS

    Hi! I’m KrisVRS from Takusan Works and Can I say: WOW! THANKS! For the awesome review! It warms our heart to see people liking our games so much! This gives us drives to keep on making better Games. (°∀°)b

    • Joshua Racz

      Thanks for reading, I am truly a fan of your work! 🙂 I hope you bring more of your games, and I hope you bring them to OUYA!

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