ReviOUYA Review #11 – Mech Battle Arena

Mech Battle Online was once known as iMech Online (as the cover shows).  This game came out early in the OUYA’s life and has went through a major overhaul adding new features such as a single player campaign, improved graphics and 2 different online multiplayer modes with up to 8 players playing at one time.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are very pleasing to the eye.  The buildings are destructible, the mechs look stunning, and the scenes are no joke.  There is however the odd muddy textures on some of the mechs and scenes, but nothing that would make you go “bleh!”.  They added some better effects for weapons and shields.  There is some odd slowdown with there is so much going on at once with explosions, rockets, shooting, etc.  But it doesn’t happen too often.   There is enough detail in all the mechs, both online and offline to leave you wanting more.

VS. All the things!

Sound: 6/10

The music is borderline nonexistent.  You can barely hear it, and when you can, it isn’t that great.  But with the sound effects and explosions happening everywhere, there is no time to listen to any background music.  The menu music isn’t really existent either, but again the sound effects are there and they are fine.  Not grating on the ears, but none too spectacular either.

Gameplay: 8/10

Navigating the menus can be a bit painful, Wading from button to button with the OUYA controller shows they have some more work to do with the menus.  Customization of your mech in terms of upgrade and features is nice.  You can buy new mechs, add weapons, buy upgrades, and give them new traits.  There is also a Single Player Campaign, where you use the mech assigned to you (not your own).  There is also a single player practice mode.  Multiplayer is where all the action is though.  Up to 8 players can be on a map completely destroying each other.  It is a fight to the top by getting the most kills.  It can be quite fun with the mayhem that happens with 8 players at once.


Mech Battle Arena is a Online Mech fighter and a good one at that.  Allowing online play with up to 8 players, and fully customizable mechs make this quite the deep game to play.  The Sound is lackluster at best but with all the action that happens when the servers are full, there is simply no time to stop and listen to the music.  The graphics are also spot on and have been greatly improved from the overhaul.  This game is definitely worth a try now compared to before and I guarantee it is better compared to when it was first up on the OUYA Discover Store.

Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 6/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Overall: 7.3/10

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