ReviOUYA Review # 8 – MushRoom Bounce!

MushRoom Bounce! is a arcade style game brought onto OUYA by a small developer known as Two Squid Games.  The object of the game is to get all the mushrooms into the holes that are scattered throughout the map.  This game is a 2 player game, where users will compete to see who can get the most mushrooms in the holes first.

Graphics: 6/10

The graphics are a bit all over the place.  The settings are completely random which make the game feel that there is a lack of theme, and the mushrooms and background all look like they were done by different artists.  the only things that look similar in this game are the mushrooms.  The graphical effects are simple and do work well with the game, and this game runs quite smoothly as well, slowdown never gets experienced.

Giddy up an bounce, li’l mushroom!

Sound: 8/10

The overall sound is poppy, bouncy, and fitting.  The music has a sort of pop-video game tune which is perfect to listen to while bumping mushrooms all over the place.  They sound effects as well blend with their intended purpose as well, from the bouncing of the mushrooms, to the falling down in the holes, to the bombs exploding.  The music and sound are well composed and definitely help to play through the game.

Gameplay: 5/10

The controls are spot on, and there is a control configuration screen, which needs a bit of work in terms of mapping.  The game is lacking one big thing, a threat.  There is nothing out there trying to stop you from getting those mushrooms into the hole and creating a challenging experience.  Because of these lacking issues, as a single player game, it isn’t very fun.  However, as a multiplayer game it works much better.  MushRoom Bounce! is a two-player competitive game.  The way to access it is rather cryptic at the moment though (Press A on the second controller in-game to activate the second player).  The different items that you get do help make the game fun as well. With bombs and lifting mushrooms, etc.  In the end, though, it feels more like a physics tech demo than a game.


MushRoom Bounce! is an arcade style game, with okay graphics and a good soundtrack.  The gameplay is lacking at the time in terms of challenge, but makes up for its 2-player support.  It certainly feels more like a physics tech demo than a game though, as you can see each object move with the physics in place.  This game would be best recommended for a younger audience, or even possibly a drinking party with 2 players having to take a drink for every loss.  As a multiplayer game it is alright, but as a single player game, it is lacking.

Graphics:  6/10

Sound: 8/10

Gameplay: 5/10

Overall: 6.3/10

Push MushRoom Bounce! on to your OUYA now! – Price $2.99


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