ReviOUYA Review #3 – Hell’s Hospital

A more recent game that came out. Hell’s hospital is a First Person Puzzle game that takes place in a mental asylum.  You check into a hospital where people are being put into experiments, going through various amounts of torture, and eventually die.  You are to go through the hospital.  Each floor gets harder and harder, and it is an overall very challenging game.  Let’s get down to this shall we?

Graphics: 8/10

The atmosphere is well set.  The walls, floors ceilings, all make it look like you are in a hospital.  There are chairs and beds broken and in disarray, and floating platforms  hovering over a bottomless pit of hi-color.  The things that kill you are in an identifiable color, if perhaps a bit too bright, as are the items.  My only real issue with the tone is that the hospital is very dark (which is fine) but once you are hit with a bottomless pit level, you are attacked by a plethora of psychadelic overload.  It absolutely fits with the theme of torture in a crazy house, but it is just so bright!

I think it says True Madn- Holy crap I looked down!!!

Sounds: 9/10

The background music is very atmospheric, and makes you want to rush out there with the feeling of paranoia that someone is constantly watching you.  It starts low, and hits a crescendo giving that feeling of suspense.  The sounds for picking things up are slightly on the quiet side, but according to the developer, will be updated to be a bit louder.  The elevator sounds like an elevator, from going in it, to picking up the elevator key to open the doors.  Everything seems to blend quite well together in terms of sound.

Gameplay:  8/10

The object of the game is to get from point A to point B without dying.  It may sound easy but you have plenty of obstacles in your path.  Lazers, little balls of death, bottomless pits, etc.  Getting to the other side is no easy feat.  What adds to the replay-ability is the online leader board.  You can see the last place others have left off at, as well as how many times they died to get there.  It is a really nice system, because it will encourage you to get ahead of them, and with less deaths.  It looks to be that nobody has made it to level 30 yet.  One issue, and this can’t really be helped because it has to do with first person perspectives in general, is timing your jumps and landings.  You could be close, or just a bit of a ways off, and it is hard to tell without needing to look down, but you would also need to look forward and all around to make sure nothing else tries to kill you in the process.  This definitely adds to the already very challenging game, which is the one thing people will come back for.  The learning curve is small, you can get used to everything after the first few levels, but once you feel you are comfortable, the challenge gets ramped up.  It can leave to some frustrating moments, but when a level is completed you feel that sense of accomplishment.


The game is great.  The atmosphere is excellent, and the creepy graphics and eerie music helps immensely.  On top of that, the challenge is welcome, and what better way to help fuel that challenge then with online leader boards showing who’s ahead.  Can you make it all the way through? I dare you to try!

Graphics: 8/10

Sounds: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Overall: 8.3/10 

Push Hell’s Hospital on to your OUYA now! – Price: $1.99 USD


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