ReviOUYA Review #2 – Globulous


Looking for a puzzler with a difference? This hidden gem is a puzzler where you have to dig inward to get to the centre and find the treasure.  Globulous is a relaxing type of game which still keeps you on your toes with its complex objectives and timed manner.  As it is a more basic puzzler, there is no story, but this is a type of game that doesn’t need one.  Allow me to explain..

Graphics: 9/10

First thing I must say, at first glance the graphics for this game are absolutely stunning.  You are searching around the “globe” (which is a fish eye lens filter) in search of matching colorful blocks.  Everything is bright and vibrant, and all the shapes are recognizable.  There is also a a lot of depth (sometimes up to 5 layers) that gets displayed, so you can see layers of shapes from the inside out, all running at a fairly consistent FPS.  Sometimes the view gets a bit messed up making it harder to find things.  But it happens only when you are running out of time to place the next piece.  It puts the pressure on, but I could live without it.

I think I see something down there!

Sounds: 8/10

The music is very calming and soothing.  And the sounds are fairly basic.  The music is calming but not too calm that you would start falling asleep, but it also isn’t very memorable.  There isn’t really much to say about the sound effects.  They are there, and they work for the theme of the game.  Nothing will make you fly out of your seat due to spontaneous bursts of loudness.  It is all just quite calm.

Gameplay: 8/10

The game is simple, Match the corresponding block together to create a hole in the layer.  There must be at least 2 blocks of the same color to be able to create that hole.  Sometimes you can make a deeper hole if the block beneath the visible layer match the block you are trying to rid of as well.  The game starts of with very few layers (2 – 3) and starts increasing as does the difficulty once you get through more and more of the levels.  When you beat the level you get a badge, and a little caption that goes with the badge, some being quite humourous.   The main issue is that the X axis is inverted, so when you press left, you go right, and vice versa.  It requires getting used to these controls, but it is in no way a game breaker, as it appears it was by design.  The game gets quite challenging after the first 15 or so, making you think a bit faster, and with more strategy to get to the center.


This game is very well polished, and a strong puzzler in the OUYA Store.  The graphics are solid, and the music is refreshing compared to other puzzlers with more jumpy music.  Even though the controls are a bit different from what most of us are generally used to, it is in no way a game breaker.  This game is a breath of fresh air, even with its quirks.  For all those puzzle heads out there, I recommend a try, and I am quite sure you will like it!

Graphics: 9/10

Sounds: 8/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Overall: 8.3/10

Push Globulous to your OUYA now! – Price $1.99 USD


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