ReviOUYA Review #1 – Lemegeton Master Edition

Title: Lemegeton

For the grand opening of ReviOUYA, I am going to start a review on a game that is not very well known on this nice little box.  This game is a Metroidvania RPG with more emphasis on Castlevania.  You star either as a guy named Sabio, or a girl named Dawn.  Both have their own stories they must go through.  This game basically has you going through this mysterious abandoned castle in a ghost town called Craco in Italy.  Sabio is pursuing a traitor, and Dawn is trying to remember why she was there to begin with.  It is a great game that keeps you wanting more, and I shall get into why

Graphics:  8/10

The graphics are standard. They get the job done.  They aren’t as pretty as some of the newer Ouya games out there, but they are solid, colourful and consistent, looking like the game came from the Dreamcast.  Everything has such great detail, the backgrounds all have depth to them so it doesn’t seem you are just on a walking forward or back, and some rooms look much more open than they really are.  The graphics give that feeling of expanse, you can see into the distance, the books, the rooms, etc.  There is also no slowdown, no clipping, and no game-breaking graphical issues throughout this game.

Sound: 10/10

The music is catchy, from when you start the game with Sabio, to every Demon fight and boss battle.  The sounds are all well done too.  It is all upbeat and never gets you bored playing the game.  I personally love the violins that play in the game, as it goes with with the Gothic tone.  The music just plays very well with the theme.

At least she isn’t completely clueless

Gameplay: 9/10

Think a slightly more complex version of Castlevania.  You can play as either Sabio or Dawn, each with their own style and weapon/skillset.  There are 72 Demons you encounter throughout the game, some you have to kill, and some you just talk to and/or bargain with.  You can also always go back and re-fight a defeated demon for a higher ranking, gold, exp, etc.  The demons are not so easy to beat either, each have their own strategy and you have to try to work around them to defeat them.  The game gets a bit tedious at first, but through progression, gets insanely better.  Your character can level up, gain new skills, new weapons, etc.  You will never learn all the skills either (unless you grind alot!)  but that is okay, because there is 3 difficulty levels as well, allowing you to try out the game differently each time with a different difficulty.  Sabio has 2 episodes while Dawn only has 1.  But combined they make quite a engaging game.


This is certainly one of the better games on the OUYA.  The amount of depth is wonderful.  The Graphics and music are also easy on the eyes an’ ears.  The game itself is a flashback to those classic Castlevania times.  This game certainly deserves more love on the OUYA and I recommend anyone who hasn’t tried it now to go do so!

Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 10/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Push Lemegeton to your OUYA now! – Price $7.99 (I paid 4.99.. I wonder if anyone got to pay that?)


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